Tips Of Spicing Up The Relationship, Mentally Too

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What actually makes a great relationship work is not just two people ready to be together. It involves keeping the cheer and spicing up the relationship now and then. We always tend to underestimate mental and sexual health and them being the reason behind the success of a relationship.

What does “Spicing Up The Relationship” mean? 



Well, we are not talking about using your sexual kinks to help have a better understanding with your partner. While this can be a way to do it, the “spice” in your relationship is you. 


Talking about how the day was, or what future do you see individually and together, the dos and don’ts in the relationship are necessary. One cannot really take the right kind of care of a long-term relationship if it is not given that pump from time to time. 


Does mental health also come under spicing up the relationship? 



Yes! You cannot be stressed when you are in a marriage or a normal relationship too. The effect of the same can be disastrous. If you have kids, the direct effect of a troublesome relationship falls on the minds of the little ones. 


They rather become distant from their parents and this affects their overall growth, both mentally and socially. Hence, making sure that good mental health is maintained by the family as a whole unit does take place. 

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Tips of Spicing Up The Relationship


Tips Of Spicing Up The Relationship, mental health, Relationship


We are going to give you some of the most appropriate ideas which can be very well used by you to keep your long-term relationship a successful one as well! Here, thank us later, but read it first. 


1. Communication is the Key


No good relationship is away from this key to success. Once you stop talking about yourself to the other person is when your relationship starts to suffer. 


Companionship need vocals to hum the tune of love and sustainability. If you don’t tell your partner about things bothering you, you cannot expect your relationship to grow stronger. 


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2. Make your meals and your relationship healthy


As a mother, wife, colleague, and homemaker, women have to take care of a lot of things. Similarly, with the men, who have to take care of another host of things. In this busy schedule, your health is bound to suffer, it doesn’t have to be a “physical” proof but you can see it in your daily behavior too. 


For example, you come back from the office, and snapping at your partner with no mistake of theirs, is a sign of stress. They feel tired all the time can bring a lot of misunderstanding. So, make sure that your meals and plates are healthy. A healthy family is also a wealthy family.


3. Take breaks


If not anything else, the Pandemic has taught us that making time for our family is important. If one sees it otherwise, it’s a way for the universe to tell us that we need to take a break.


It is important and one CANNOT just work like a machine because we are humans! Hence take a break to spend some time with your partner and Family. 


4. Build the Intimacy back


When we are talking about “spicing up the relationship”, we cannot let the sexual aspects of it wither away. This however does not mean to be aggressive in bed. It can be those “Cupid” moments as well, which you haven’t shared for a long time. 


Talking about your favorite food, your favorite places to visit, your favorite movie to watch, and how the other person dozes off in the middle of the watch, is as much a part of intimacy as physical intimacy. 



Remind her about her “Black dress” and let him know that his leather jacket is still hanging all new in his closet! 


5. Keep time for yourself


When you take out time for yourself, you understand what is wrong in the relationship, or what better can be done. It just is an add-on to making things better! 


6. Plan a trip


Okay, not exactly now, but when things become a little favorable, you must enjoy your trips with kids and family or maybe just the two of you. It builds great rapport with your family and you can spend time beyond the daily huddle. 


7. Try New Things 


Oh yeah! Here we are totally talking about the “bedtimes”. We know that the physical intimacy might have to be put down with kids, but once the kids are off to sleep, you know what to do! 


We hope that you know that “spicing up the relationship” is not always what people think. It is building a connection with your partner that might have become a little lazy because of the daily trouble! Hope you find these tips working for you! 


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