5 Benefit Of Tabata Workout, Is It Better Than HIIT?

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“What makes Lockdowns bearable is my newfound love for workouts,” says a 24-year-old Divya, who has been doing this intense body toning program. We are sure that just like her, we have so many of you who have used this lockdown to do something better.


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We are proud of you for that, but have you recently heard the talk of the town? It is the Benefit of Tabata Workout! Yes, we are going to explain to you the exact idea about how this new talk of the town works.


What is this TABATA workout?


Well, before knowing the benefit of Tabata workout. Let us know the various aspects of what it is and how can you make it different from your daily workouts.


If you are really fed up with that regular gym workout, ort the one at home is becoming monotonous then we guess this one is for you.


In 1996 Dr. Izumi Tabata set up an experiment to test the aerobic and anaerobic benefits. It is done for a specific interval protocol- 20 seconds of high-intensity output followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated for 8 intervals.


He took the task to compare a group of athletes who performed this method for 6 weeks. Done to another group who performed 60 minutes of slow steady-state exercise for 6 weeks.


Long story short, Dr. Tabata found the interval protocol to significantly improve both the aerobic and anaerobic systems simultaneously.


Previously this had never been tested. Traditionally, it had been thought that the two must be trained separately.


Dr. Tabata’s protocol, now famously known as the Tabata Protocol. It sparked a drastic change in the fitness world, spurring the start of High-Intensity Interval Training.


We are sure you are thanking this doctor for this wonderful Discovery….the secret is, we all are!


Is Tabata better than HIIT?


War is always on the edge when a new player arises, right?  Till now HIIT was something, everyone preferred because the results were better.


We are not denying that it still might be one of the best options on the list too, however, the new boy must be given a chance.


Workouts are something very personal. Some work on a few and some work on the other, you cannot really have a full plan to understand which one is better. We can leave this up to you, once you know the benefit of Tabata workout.


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Benefit of Tabata Workout, Magic of Exercise


Say bye to the Fat with Tabata



This is the most proven of all that Tabata workout is designed in a way that it helps you burn more fat. It gets your metabolism rate higher to increase the process and you are thanking your body for helping you


Heat the beat up



Yes, your metabolism reaches new heights. You sweat more and you tend to have more energy while you adapt this killer regime in your day-to-day life.

The Oxygen debt



When the body is in oxygen debt it pumps the blood and that needs your body to increase the energy levels. This will make it use the fat and burn the carbs to give you energy. What else? You are all full of oxygen and blood rush! Do we still need to exaggerate the benefit of Tabata workout?


If you increase your speed or intensity enough, you come to a point lungs are no longer able to process oxygen. It is at a fast enough rate. This is when you’re anaerobic (without air) system kicks in.


The anaerobic system “borrows” stored energy from your muscles. It is owing oxygen back to those muscles in order for them to recover.


This “borrowed debt” of oxygen is called Oxygen Debt. The more energy that is borrowed, the more Oxygen Debt there is.


Your endurance is higher


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Yes, your lungs are stronger and that increases your endurance. This way, even if tomorrow you wish to go back to HIIT or intense cardio, you will know and feel you are better at it than before.


It helps the other workouts


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Your efficiency to do other heavy workouts increases and this only helps you get through your journey of a healthy body more effectively.


The benefit of the Tabata workout is that it is like having a classmate who is ready to take down notes for you every single time.


There is a saying, “work like there is no tomorrow” but we would say, workout like Tabata! We hope that this new addition to your already amazing workout regime can help you know more about the benefit of Tabata. Till then stay safe and stay home.


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