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Tanuja Bisht

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As we all know that in today’s busy and hectic life we all make time for late night parties, travel, and fun. But when it comes to our body we become indolent and lazy, we only think about becoming fit and healthy. So, let us talk today about some easy and effective total body weight workout.


Lifting weights is an important part of any exercise program for weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance because this exercise allows you to build lean muscle tissue.


The lean muscle is metabolically active, so when we do the exercise our metabolism gets a boost, and that muscle also keeps us strong for all the activities in our life.


There are plenty of methods to lift weights, but the simplest way is total body training.


Total body workouts are perfect for hitting all your the muscle groups in one workout, and they’re very effective if we have a busy schedule.


For this, we also need to do total body workouts two or three times a week.


For many of us, total body strength workouts are one of the favorite ways to workout.


When we combine upper and lower body strength exercises our body and brain work harder. Not only with these exercises we get a higher calorie burn & both muscle groups hit in a shorter amount of time.


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Benefits of a Total Body Weight Workout:

1. Saves Time:

As the name suggests that it’s a full body workout, which is a training your entire body as well as decreases the gym frequency like two to three times every seven days.

Plus, you can build muscle with only 3-4 hours of gym time during a week.


2. Boosts Ours Cardiovascular System:

Doing 2-4 sets of exercises for 60-minute workout session for every body part gets the cardiovascular system up.




Top Most Exercises for a Total Body Weight Workout:

There are several types of exercises for our full body work;

1. Back Exercise

Bent-over barbell rows
Seated cable rows


2. Biceps Exercise

Standing barbell curls
Alternate dumbbell curls
Preacher curls


3. Chest Exercise

Bench presses
Incline barbell presses
Dumbbell presses


4. Triceps Exercise

Parallel-bar dips
Lying dumbbell extensions


5. Shoulders Exercises

Dumbbell presses
Behind neck presses
Upright rows


6. Calves Exercise

Standing calf raises
Seated calf raises
Donkey calf raises


7. Legs Exercise

Leg presses
Hack squats


8. Abs Exercise

Hanging leg raises
Decline-bench crunches
Rope crunches





All the above-written exercises are total body weight workout which is simple as well as effective. So, don’t make your body too lazy and do some exercise.


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