7 Strategies To Get Digital Detox Now!

Somya Verma

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We have heard about so many things related to detox. Detox diet, detox routine, detoxing life, but have you heard of Digital Detox? We bet you might not know. With the name, we are sure that you know what “digital” are we talking about.


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Yes, it is basically talking about getting away from all the digital devices around you. We all know for the time we live in today, being around no digital device is like killing ourselves. So let us actually know what is various things about digital detox?


What is a Digital Detox?


As per the definition, you can say that digital detox is referred to as a period of time when a person refrains from using tech devices such as smartphones, televisions, computers, tablets, and social media sites. “Detoxing” from digital devices is often seen as a way to focus on real-life social interactions without distractions.


By forgoing digital devices, at least temporarily, people can let go of the stress that stems from constant connectivity. Before you decide if it is right for you, consider some of the potential benefits and methods of doing a digital detox.


Is there a reason you should have digital detox?


Yes, there may be more than one reason as to why you need a digital detox in your life. When you keep sitting in front of your computer and laptop or are on your phone, all the time, you fail to enjoy a lot of things in life.

One of the studies by the BMC Public Health said, ” There were cross-sectional associations between high compared to low mobile phone use and stress, sleep disturbances, and symptoms of depression for the men and women. When excluding respondents reporting mental health symptoms at baseline, high mobile phone use was associated with sleep disturbances and symptoms of depression for the men and symptoms of depression for the women at a 1-year follow-up.”


What to do in a Digital Detox?


Digital Detox, is easy if done with full dedication. It is just like any other diet plan, you know the results will only come when you do it with dedication. So here are some ways:


1) Stop making the habit of checking your phone a regular one


Whenever you think you are getting too much of your phone, then each time you use it to ask why you are using it. It will help you understand the reason, if it is not important, then forget it.


2) Keep yourself away from Laptop


Only a bachelor knows how important his or her laptop is. Also, when you take your work home, then your laptop is like your buddy you like to keep with yourself. To get your digital detox, do not take the work home. Drop it in the 9 hrs you have.


3) Do not become an overachiever


In excitement do not put a benchmark that you are not able to achieve. Take everything one at a time. Put targets and strategies you know you will be pull off. If you cannot then do not try to fool yourself.


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4) Ensure you get enough sleep


Make sure you turn all screens off at least two hours before bed – that means no phone, no laptop, no iPad. This will help you get better sleep than you thought. A must in a digital detox.


5) Try using the rule of thirds


Divide your life into thirds—8 hours for work, 8 hours for sleep, and 8 hours free. Working more does not actually make us more productive. Working smart and keeping time free allows our minds to wander in ways that make the hours we do work more effectively. In fact, research shows that for rote workers, more than 40 hours per week diminishes productivity.


6) Take out time for other work


Involve yourself in more sports, or creative stuff, where you do not need a digital device. No youtube, take a class instead. You have to keep yourself away from things that digitize your day in any way.


7) List all the devices


Before you go on a digital detox, see what will not allow you to do so. From speakers to ear and headphones, list all of them. Now keep away each one by one, maybe your tv can be first!


Digital Detox according to some studies has helped in depression also. So what are you waiting for? Get your detox plan to work, not diet, but digital detox!


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