6 Ways To Improve Your Child’s Digital Health And Wellness

Divya Tripathi

, Health A2Z


Digital health and awareness! well, it is a simple concept which is used technology to help improve individuals’ health and wellness. Nowadays it is one of the broad and growing sectors. It comprises all the things from mobile health apps to artificial intelligence, from wearable gadgets to ingestible sensors, from robotic carers to electronic records. It is one of the biggest digital transformations in the healthcare sector.


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The field of digital health and wellness is expanding quickly to include a wide variety of topics that are of interest to parents. Originally related to healthcare delivery and how technology could be used to improve patient care. We should take care more broadly to include the psychological well-being of children who are growing up in the era of the digital age.



Ways to Improve Your Child’s Digital Health and Wellness:


1. Manage screen time


The first and more important to manage screen time for kids, Parents should help their children to discover other healthy ways to find meaning in life. Kids know the way to create a balance between the usage of technology and developing real-life relationships with humans.


2. Promote physical activity


There are various researches that show that excessive screen time contributes to the inactivity and obesity crisis in today’s youth. let your child learn the way of happiness through natural fosters, and encourage them to be physically active.


3. Monitor mental wellness as well


Researchers have associated that the access use of social media and technology is one of the major causes of rising rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide. Parents who are well-informed about childhood trauma and the symptoms of mental illness can act more quickly to help children in need.


4. Practice stress-reduction


According to the Global Wellness report “the biggest challenges to mental wellness appear to come, not from the technology itself, but from the added pressures and pace of life in the digital age.” So, to relax your kid introduce them to mindfulness meditation and various techniques for stress-reduction and relaxation, they can boost their children’s digital health and wellness.


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5. Explore wellness apps


Use digital resources to your family’s advantage by exploring digital health and wellness and exercise apps that help promote healthier lifestyles for both children and kids. Many can be shared, making learning and fitness fun and more challenging.


6. Set rules for bedtime


There is growing evidence that digital devices in bedrooms deter children and adolescents from the sleep they desperately need. Improve the digital health of your whole family by establishing rules that require devices to charge outside of bedrooms overnight.




Digital health and wellness play an important role in the people who are connected with technology. We all should get aware of digital health and wellness platform which are useful for us to manage our life digitally.


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