Digital Health & Wellness -What is the Definition of Digital Wellness?

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Digital health and wellness mainly refer to psycho-social and physical well-being in a technological world, or else the increased use of technologies by people for their wellbeing.


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Technologies help in developing personal lives, health, and wellness by addressing a well-balanced life.


What is Digital Health & Wellness?


There are several physical issues that are needed to be addressed such as eye safety, sound ergonomic practices, and repetitive stress syndrome.

There are also several issues related to psychological issues like Internet addiction and need to address users regarding the inherent dangers of technology.

Ergonomics (the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment) is the application of information concerning systems, objects, and environments for human use.

Without the thorough understanding of digital health and wellness and digital safety, people mostly teenagers are under the major risk of being in danger.


Issues Related to Digital Health and Wellness?


There are many issues related to our health that we must think and resolve while using computers. The issues include computer addiction, posture or eyesight.


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Computer addiction: It can be described as the compulsive or excessive use of the computer which continues despite serious negative consequences for personal, occupational, and social function.


Posture while using the computer: The wrong posture during computer usage can lead to back, neck and shoulder pain as well as overuse of computer can cause injuries of the hands and wrists.


Eyesight: Overuse or contentious use of the computer can also impact eyes such as increased risk of dry eyes (Read More About – Dry eyes).


There are several studies regarding computer or internet addiction with respect to the digital health and wellness is defined as the amount of time spends by a person online.


It also shows that with new internet games, children are more likely addicted to it which results in a lack of sleep, feeling separated when not near the computer, and feeling tired.


Possible Solutions or Guidelines for Issues Related to the Use of the Computers:


  • Use of keyboards while using laptops because it helps in avoiding problems and make a person sit straight with correct hand and body posture (Know More About Office Stretches).


  •  Avoid sitting too close to the computer screen.


  • Taking breaks in every 20 minutes.



  • Using enough lighting.


  • Use of Computer glasses to reduce the eye strain associated with computer work.




Digital health and wellness are totally depended upon the awareness among the people using the technology. Lack of psycho-social and physical well-being awareness impact the health of a person.



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