Diwali Diabetic Diet: A Better Way to Celebrate this Festival

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It is the festival of lights, it’s Diwali! It is time to decide our favorite menu. Hold on the for the diabetics, it times you celebrate this Diwali in a better way than others. We bring to your Diwali Diabetic Diet. We would not want you to hold back, and enjoy it in a healthy way. Diwali is all about decorating the house, preparations, decorating puja Ghar, making rangoli, lighting, and diyas, besides all these things, this festival is also about sweets. Making a distance from sweets at the festival time is not easy but we will give you better options.


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What Not to Eat in the Diwali Diabetic Diet?


Here are some food items we want you to stay away from, and we promise you to have the others though!



Food with High Calories:


High-calorie food items have higher sugar content as well. This results in an increase in weight. We all know what a bad indication it is to see an increased weight. So, do not choose these high-calorie bad cholesterol food.


Oily Food and Deep-Fried:


Increased calories are a big No in diabetes. When you have deep-fried items, you tend to choose a lot of bad cholesterol. This increases your weight and blood sugar levels. You not only end up increasing your sugar level but become prone to heart diseases as well.


No sweet Beverages:


Are you fond of cola and fantas? Well, this time skip them from the celebration. These are like sweet poison that will slowly kill you without notice.


Say bye to Ladoos:


We know that no Diwali is over without sweets, but this time let us say a no to wrong sweets. Say bye this festival in your Diwali diabetic diet.


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What should You Eat in a Diwali Diabetic Diet?


1.High Fiber Food:


Fiber tends to maintain your sugar levels. It makes you feel full, and you will not get distracted by the want of bad unhealthy food. It is, therefore, our top choice in, Diwali Diabetic Diet.


2. Low Carbs:


Maintaining your carbs is important. It regulates your weight which plays a major role in keeping your body in balance. An increase in weight can cause a chance of being prone to heart diseases.


3. Stick To Healthy Routine:


It’s the most important thing for diabetics to maintain a healthy routine with a fixed meal and snack timings. If it’s not possible to eat regularly on time during Diwali, a diabetic can break the meals up into snacks to ensure that the dose of calories is as similar to pre-festival days as possible.


4) Almonds and Walnuts:


These two dry fruits have high Omega fatty acids. These fatty acids contain good fat that helps you fill your stomach without affecting you otherwise.



We know it will be wrong to stop our diabetic patients from celebrating a festival and therefore we gave a Diwali Diabetic Diet. All the above diet tips for diabetics for a healthy Diwali are easily made and eat. But the only difficult part is sticking to the same eating pattern for a long whole day.

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