World Pneumonia Day 2020: Championing the Fight Against Pneumonia

Divya Tripathi

, Health A2Z

Not long ago pneumonia was declared as a ‘global cause without Champions’. Pneumonia remains a neglected disease yet it accounts for the world’s leading infectious cause of children’s death. To raise awareness, November 12 was remarked as World Pneumonia Day. Though we are still too slow on our accomplishment of 2030 ambition of ending preventable child deaths.


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Considering the severity of this disease, World Pneumonia Day was established by the Stop Pneumonia Initiative in 2009. To bring together people from all over the world to fight the pneumonia illness. Over 100 of the organization joined hand-in-hands and formed the Global Coalition against Child Pneumonia.


Where it includes parties such as a network of international, government, non-governmental and community-based organizations, research and academic institutions, foundations, and individuals.


Brief of World Pneumonia Day 2020


This year World Pneumonia Day – on 12 November 2020 – will be held during a global pandemic that is dramatically increasing pneumonia deaths from COVID-19 and other causes.

COVID-19 could add 1.9 million to the death toll this year. This could increase ‘all-cause’ pneumonia deaths by more than 75%. No other infection causes this burden of death.


Urgently taken action could save many lives, with the help of immunization, or early and accurate diagnosis followed by antibiotics treatment or referral for oxygen treatment. This time the need is to extend the reach, quality, and equity of health systems to the children facing the greatest risks, receive the required care.


Know About Pneumonia


Pneumonia is a life-threatening disease with many possible causes. It is a respiratory infection in the lungs. A person with pneumonia will have inflammation air sacs, where air sacs may fill with fluid or pus that will, as a result, make breathing painful and even can limit oxygen intake.


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Symptoms include;


  1. facing difficulty while breathing
  2. Not eating properly
  3. Persistent coughing
  4. Fever
  5. Dehydration
  6. Chest pain
  7. Vomit after coughing


Causes of Pneumonia


The main cause of Pneumonia is bacteria and viruses that settle in the alveoli (small sacs in the lungs) and eventually, they will multiply after a person breathes them in.


Another reason, it is contagious- can be passed on while coughing and sneezing, or through touch.


Get vaccinated is the first defense against Pneumonia. There are several vaccinations available against the organisms causing pneumonia.  Apart from this, some non-medical recommendations- wash hands thoroughly, cover when coughing or sneezing, abstain from smoking, eat healthily, etc.


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