Know Your Early Signs of a Migraine

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Migraine, a sharp headache that can spoil your day. Sometimes, it starts showing some symptoms earlier or before the sharp pain. You can call it a pre-headache, or you can say early signs of a migraine. These signs are different for everyone and can start even hours or days before the headache fully hits. Try to find your own way you feel before each migraine and write it down so you’ll notice next time.


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Common early signs of a migraine


Well, the early signs of migraine are not the same for all, some symptoms happen more often than others. Such as, you might need to pee more often or you may yawn a lot. You could crave certain sweet foods as compare to other days, especially chocolate. So, here is the list of early signs of a migraine.




Some people terribly depressed or irritable in the days or hours before a migraine. On the counterpart, some people feel a sense of intense happiness.




You may feel unusually tired before a migraine, as it is an early sign of a migraine. And too much or too little sleep could be the cause of the same. Try to figure out how sleep connects to your symptoms. That can help you stay away from your triggers and possibly keep a migraine from coming on.


Sensitivity to light or sound


These are common early signs of a migraine, and they often continue through the headache and post-headache stages. Loud noises or bright light l can even trigger a second one as you’re getting over the first.


Changes in vision


As migraine is near to hit you soon, your vision may get blurry. You also feel some blind spots or see flashing lights or shapes. Gradually, these symptoms slowly get worse, but usually, it didn’t last more than an hour.


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What to do to reduce the early signs of migraine


Have a little caffeine


Sometimes, the little amount can stop some early-stage migraine pain by itself. This simple process may help you to boost the effects of pain relievers. Don’t use it excessively.


Pain relievers


Whether they’re prescription or over-the-counter, the reason behind having these get relieved as soon as you notice the pain But taking too much or taking them too often can cause some other complications such as stomach ulcers and possibly withdrawal headaches when you stop.


Lie down in a dark room


This helps with two different things. First, it calms and relaxes you. Second, it gets you away from bright light, which can make your symptoms worse.


Try heat or cold


A cold compress on your neck or head can numb the area and dull pain signals. A heating pad might relax tense muscles. (A warm bath or shower could do the same thing.) You might try going back and forth between the two.




Here we have shared the early signs of migraine which can help you to reduce the pain as soon as possible. As we said earlier, these signs are different for everyone so find out which is bothering you and get rid of it.


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