Gastric Cancer: How Much Are You Aware Of It?

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“Pet main Chuhe Kud rahe hai” a common expression used by many Indians when hungry. Basically, whenever we talk about stomach we never imagine ‘J’ shaped organ in the upper abdomen. The stomach’s role in the digestive system is to process nutrients from the food we eat. It further helps in passing waste from the body. Well beyond your concern there is “Gastric Cancer” that few of you are aware of. Let’s begin collecting knowledge about the concern condition.


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What is Gastric Cancer?


5 layers of tissues, innermost and outermost, forms the wall of your stomach. All those 5 layers are the mucosa, submucosa, muscle, subserosa (connective tissue), and serosa. This little info was a baseline to get back to basics.


Here you go! The type of cancer is also known as stomach cancer. This starts in the innermost layer of the issue ‘mucosa’ and spread to further layers.


Symptoms Of Gastric Cancer


Now that you know about stomach cancer the very next thing is symptoms. In general, the symptoms include indigestion and stomach discomfort or pain. Although, there are other signs and symptoms too, which are:


  • A feeling of a swollen belly after eating.


  • Nauseous


  • Inappetence or decreased appetite.



With the advancement in stage symptoms will be as:


  • Vomiting


  • Stool with blood


  • Weight loss for unknown reasons.



  • Ascites- Accumulation of fluid causing swelling.


  • Trouble swallowing


Immediately consult a doctor if you suffer any of the problems above.


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Stages of Gastric Cancer


This section includes the following stages


1. Stage 0


This stage is also called carcinoma in situ. In this stage, abnormal cells/pre-cancerous cells are discovered in the mucosa the innermost layer of the stomach. These pre-cancerous cells become cancer and spread to nearby normal tissues.


2. Stage I


This stage further includes stages IA and IB.


Stage IA: In this case, cancer has already taken shape in the mucosa. Or might be ready to spread to the submucosa- the next layer of tissue.


Stage IB: In this case, there are two probabilities


  • Cancer has taken shape in the mucosa and the submucosa. And might have spread to either 1 or 2nearby lymph nodes, or


  • In addition to the mucosa, it might have spread to the muscle layer.


3. Stage II


Again this category of Gastric Cancer involves 2 others;


Stage IIA


  • Cancer probably has spread to the submucosa and to 3 to 6 nearby lymph nodes.
  • Cancer formed shapes in the muscle layer and spread to 1 or 2 nearby lymph nodes.
  • Cancer has spread out to subserosa- the layer of connective tissue.


Stage IIB


  • Cancer extended to the submucosa and to 7 to 15 nearby lymph nodes.
  • Cancer-spread out to the muscle layer and 3 to 6 nearby lymph nodes
  • It has spread to the subserosa and to 1 or 2 nearby lymph nodes.
  • Cancer has outgrown to serosa which is the outermost layer of the stomach wall.


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