Warning Signs of Stomach Cancer: Do Not Ignore Them!

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A very old saying goes ” Humans die and live for the curse of the stomach”. It is not wrong, while you earn to fill it up and most of your mood is also related to it. Your hunger pangs will decide how your day goes. The importance of the stomach is complex and so is taking care of it. Have you heard of stomach cancer? If yes, then here are the warning signs of stomach cancer, you should know! If No, then read on my friend! It is important that you prevent the mishaps before it occurs.


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What is Stomach Cancer?


Stomach cancer is one of those tricky diagnoses where most people may have retrospectively felt symptoms, but they’re usually vague symptoms that can be confused with many other benign gastrointestinal (GI) disorders.


What are the Warning Signs of Stomach Cancer?


Most of these signs when read would feel common, that is when you are tricked by cancer. One way to get through it is to know more and more about them.


1) Excessive Loss of Weight:


No this is no happy sign. Weight loss is good only when it is normal. An abnormal weight loss only results in a weakened body and immune system. It might also be a sign that you are suffering from the symptom of stomach cancer.



2) Serious Fatigue:


This is one tricky warning sign of stomach cancer. Why? Well, because you can be tired and exhausted due to multiples reasons. This can also be due to too much exercise or maybe too much stress and work. How would you know that it is actually a cancer symptom when it is so common?


3) Blood in Your Stool or When Puking:


Do not be disgusted but it is a matter of worry. The main reason for the excretion system is to take out all the toxins from your body, and not blood. There can be other reasons as well, but watch out and consult a doctor if you are going through any one of them.


4) Regular Constipation:


This warning sign of stomach cancer can be made fun of, but not ignored. If you have constant complaints about constipation, you indeed are to be concerned about it.


5) Abdominal Discomfort:


Bowel problems might be common if it only happens once or twice. Regular pain in the abdomen region is unaccepted. It might be a clear warning sign of stomach cancer.


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What are the Risk Factors of Stomach Cancer?


The following risks are attached, do not ignore them!



  • Age


  • Being overweight


  • Previous stomach surgery


  • Having to type A blood


  • Genetic disorders


  • A diet high in smoked foods


We do not wish to scare you by telling you the warning signs of stomach cancer. However, you should understand that there have to be some preventive measures taken up in this regard. We hence want to keep you aware.  Stay aware! stay healthy!

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