World Heart Day 2018: Some Myths About Pickles

Tanuja Bisht

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The World Heart Day, celebrated worldwide on September 29, aims to raise awareness regarding maintaining a healthy heart. In recent decades, heart disease has affected only a specific group of people, while today the scenarios are different. It is shocking that even the younger generation suffers from heart disease faster. The main causes of heart disease include excessive smoking and drinking, physical inactivity, poor diet, stress, high blood pressure, and substance abuse.


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World Heart Day 2018



Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar talks about some health benefits of pickles in his recent Instagram article. Many people have the impression that pickles are just an accompaniment and are not healthy. While some people think pickles in sodium are high and can cause stomach cancer. Although pickles offer several health benefits, such as weight loss, they are rich in healthy antioxidants and can prevent certain cancers. Pickles also contain the nutrients from ingredients such as mango, amla, lemon, ginger or a local green and have some antioxidants like vitamins C and A. Pickling can increase the intestinal flora. Vinegar can lower blood sugar levels after meals. In addition, taking salty lime or ginger pickles in the morning can help you cope with nausea. Mango and lemon are two types of pickles that prevent morning sickness.


World Heart Day 2018




On this World Heart Day, We Will Discuss Some Common Myths About Pickles:


Myth No. 1: Pickles have a lot of salt and oil


Fact: Without oil or salt, intestinal bacteria could not grow and you would not get the benefits from pickles. Also, try using fresh seasonal vegetables with less salt and oil.


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Myth No. 2: Oil is not good for our heart health


Fact: Many people again have the impression that eating fat or oil causes heart problems. Generally, unhealthy eating habits associated with a risk of heart disease are considered. Common unhealthy eating habits include late night dinners, skipping meals, junk food or unhealthy fats in your diet and of course, lack of exercise. You can still use peanut, mustard oil, even oil, gingelly oil depending on your food heritage.



Myth No. 3: Salt also causes blood pressure

Fact: Many people think salt causes high blood pressure, but unhealthy habits like lack of exercise, lack of sleep, unhealthy foods, packaged and processed foods cause high blood pressure. You can use salt “Jada or Kala or sendha” unprocessed to your taste. Also try using healthy salty alternatives such as lemon zest, chili pepper or pepper.



Myth No. 4: But the pickle is not healthy

Fact: Pickles are a supply of essential minerals, vitamins, and healthy bacteria. One or two tablespoons of pickles every day can help reduce swelling, anemia, vitamin D and vitamin B12 deficiency and are even useful for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). As an added benefit, the production of traditionally fermented pickles does not help to preserve the nutrients contained in the vegetables.


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