Teleconsultation: Consult Your Doctor While Staying at Home

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At a time, when everything is lockdown and you have to follow the norm of social distancing. These are the major measures used to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Now the question arises how-to consult with the doctors for the ongoing health conditions such as diabetes, pregnancy, and hypertension, or other health concerns like flu and back pain or your old arthritis.


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The solution to all the problems is teleconsultation, it is stepping up as a key technology for safe and efficient communications. The World Health Organization mentioned teleconsultation among essential services in “strengthening the Health Systems Response to COVID-19” policy.


Due to the surge in cases of COVID-19, physicians and health systems worldwide are racing to adopt virtualized treatment approaches that avoid the need for physical meetings between patients and health providers. Online doctor consultation or teleconsultation are rapidly gaining popularity these days.


What is Teleconsultation?


Tele-consultation provides interactive healthcare utilizing modern technology and telecommunications. Basically, it allows patients to contact physicians over the call for immediate care. You can click here to consult your doctor now!


What are the benefits of teleconsultation?


  • The doctor actually hears your medical history as well as your current condition directly from you.


  • You will have an interactive session with the specialist where you could provide details about tests and get an instant opinion.


  • You don’t need to go to the doctor’s place or the clinic you can consult with him at your own comfort.


  • Prescriptions, as needed, may be sent to you by email.


  • Consultation appointments are scheduled ahead of time and you may send pertinent details and investigation reports ahead of time.


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Government issues telemedicine guidelines For virtual consultations


  • A patient can consult the doctors over video and voice calls now.


  • The doctors are also allowed to prescribe medicines over certain conditions


  • The doctors will have to complete an online course within three years for online consultations.


  • Only registered medical practitioners (RMP) under the IMC Act 1956, are entitled to provide telemedicine consultation.


  • The RMPs are allowed to use text, video, or audio-enabled solutions for consultations.


  • Teleconsultation should not be anonymous, both patient and doctor should know each other’s identity.


  • The physicians have to verify the patient’s identity by name, age, address, email ID, phone number, or any other identification.


  • RMPs need to be sure about the patient’s age before prescribing any medication. The practitioner can ask for the patient’s age proof if in doubt.




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