Enuresis: When Bedwetting Does Not Stop As A Kid

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Some of our childhood problems are now funny stories our parents tell in a family gathering. How many of you know but that something funny like bedwetting can be a big problem for a kid. The scientific term for this is Enuresis. It becomes severe when it does not go for a long time. Let us see the symptoms and causes of this particular situation.


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Are there types of Enuresis?


Yes, there are two types. One of them is seen in kids, which is normally only to a certain age. The other is after an age in which you are capable enough to control bladder but still can’t.


1) Enuresis in Kids


Wetting is called enuresis when it happens in a child who is old enough to control his or her bladder. It usually can happen during the day or at night. It can be a frustrating condition. But it’s important to be patient and remember that it’s not your child’s fault. A child does not have control over enuresis. And there are many ways to treat it and help your child.


What can be the reasons of Enuresis in Kids?


Your child when reached the stage of Enuresis in Kids, can have various reasons, some of which you must think and act on. You can order medicines online or book a doctor nearby in order to help your kid get the right treatment.


1. Anxiety

2. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

3. Certain genes

4. Constipation that puts pressure on the bladder

5. Delayed bladder development

6. Diabetes

7. Not enough antidiuretic hormone (ADH) in the body during sleep

8. Obstructive sleep apnea

9. Overactive bladder

10. Slower physical development

11. Small bladder

12. Structural problems in the urinary tract

13. Trouble feeling that the bladder is full while asleep

14. Urinary tract infection

15. Very deep sleep


When it comes to the diagnosis of the problem, you are asked various questions about the history of the condition in the family to constipation issues.


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2) Enuresis in Adults


Even in this case, you have to see two aspects. Something is known as Nocturnal Enuresis. According to AAFP. org, this condition can be defined as ” a common problem that can be troubling for children and their families. Recent studies indicate that nocturnal enuresis is best regarded as a group of conditions with different etiologies.

A genetic component is likely in many affected children. Research also indicates the possibility of two subtypes of patients with nocturnal enuresis: those with a functional bladder disorder and those with a maturational delay in nocturnal arginine vasopressin secretion.”


a) Primary Nocturnal Enuresis: When a person is not able to control his or her bladder since they were a child.

b) Secondary Nocturnal Enuresis: It is a condition that develops at least 6 months or even several years after a person has learned to control their bladder.

Reason for Enuresis in Adults


Look at these reasons carefully and try to watch out. If any loved ones suffer from such a condition, take them for treatment.

1. Hormonal problems.

2. Bladder problems

3. Genetics

4. Sleep problems

5. Caffeine

6. Medical conditions

7. Psychological problems


Enuresis is not that common but not necessary that people do not have it. Go see a doctor or book appointments with the doctor at your convenience. Visit our website for more help.


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