Symptoms of Type 3 diabetes may confuse you

Divya Tripathi

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We all heard about type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes but have you ever heard about type 3 diabetes? Well, it is Alzheimer’s disease which is a progressive form of dementia. The researcher named it to type 3 diabetes. There are researches that show the link between the two, but it has not proven yet. So, let’s explore the symptoms of type 3 diabetes.


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What is type 3 diabetes?


Well, Type 3 diabetes is nothing but a title that has been proposed for Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is a condition that resistant to insulin in the brain. Researchers are doing research on the same and it is not yet a medical term but is a term now used in research looking into the causes of Alzheimer’s disease.


What is insulin?


Insulin allows glucose to enter the body’s cells from the bloodstream. Muscle needs fuel to perform their functions and glucose work as the fuel for the same. However, brain cells are completely dependent on glucose to fuel their activities.


These activities include alertness, concentration, attention, decision-making, memory, organization, awareness, speaking, personality, motor skills, self-monitoring and inhibition of behavior. If the insulin resistance occurs in the brain, symptoms of type 3 diabetes get visible.


Diabetes of the brain


Type 3 diabetes is also known as the diabetes of the brain. In type 2 and type 3 diabetes, the body and the brain becomes less sensitive to insulin. It works like the locks and keys for the doors to the cells, if the insulin does not work properly then less amount of glucose is able to enter into the cells.

In type 3 diabetes the brain cells, called neurons, become starved of glucose, and the symptoms of type 3 diabetes get progressive such as the reduction in memory, reasoning, judgment, and insight.


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Symptoms of Type 3 diabetes


An individual who is in the early stages of Type 3, or at risk for it is likely he will have one of the warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease, or you can say that the symptoms of type 3 diabetes:


  • Memory loss that affects your daily life: Forgetting recently learned facts, or important events or dates. People may ask for the same information again and again. Patients may start writing down things that they can remember easily.


  • A problem in planning or problem-solving: Difficulty in problem-solving or planning is one of the symptoms of type 3 diabetes. People may start doing things slower for examples of following a familiar recipe or balancing a checkbook as tasks that may become difficult.


  • People may get confused about places, dates, or names.


  • They may have vision problems, which are often get noticed while driving.


  • Moods or personalities of the individuals may seem to change.


  • They may forget words in the middle of a conversation, even in the middle of a sentence.


  • They may start losing things, or they may withdraw from work or social activities.




Here we have discussed symptoms of type 3 diabetes, it is not clear yet that Alzheimer’s disease is type 3 diabetes or not. But, the researchers are doing research on the same and make it clear soon.


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