Take Precautions By Knowing Side Effects Of Insulin

Somya Verma

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A lot of drugs that are taken for precautionary measures, end up harming us as well. These are not something severe as such but few side effects that have been observed in such cases. We are here to discuss and important case, insulin is used by so many diabetic patients all over the world. We, however, have found that in some cases there are unattended side effects. Here is a small check on those side effects of insulin.


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What is Insulin?


We must understand what is Insulin before understanding the side effects of insulin. Insulin pumps are small, computerized devices that mimic the way the human pancreas works by delivering small doses of short-acting insulin continuously (basal rate). The device also is used to deliver variable amounts of insulin when a meal is eaten.


Why are there side effects of Insulin?


The side effects of any drug are when you take it either in the wrong way. Even insulin has some limitations if you try crossing that, it might be a problem.


A report of the 2013 review authored in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, read “The risk of the first major adverse cardiac event, first cancer, or mortality was measured. Secondary outcomes included these individual constituents and microvascular complications.”


This explains that the conducted survey had people who suffered from heart and other problems. The complication was among the side effects of insulin. We are not scaring you, to know more you must and should online book doctor, or search doctor nearby with an online pharmacy.


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What are the common side effects of insulin we can expect?


One of the important points as per Medlineplus.gov is ” This medication causes changes in your blood sugar…..Human insulin may cause side effects” Keeping this thought in mind you need to take care of the following side effects that you can go through.


1. Rash And/or Itching Over The Whole Body

2. Shortness Of Breath

3. Wheezing

4. Dizziness

5. Blurred Vision

6. Fast Heartbeat

7. Sweating

8. Difficulty Breathing Or Swallowing

9. Weakness

10. Muscle Cramps

11. Abnormal Heartbeat

12. Large Weight Gain In A Short Period Of Time

13. Swelling Of The Arms, Hands, Feet, Ankles, Or Lower Legs



Hypoglycemia can be side effects of Insulin


Yes, you heard it right, in some cases yes it can be. It happens when extra insulin is taken. This condition deals with low blood sugar levels.



Do I change my diet as there are side effects of Insulin?


Be sure to follow all exercise and dietary recommendations made by your doctor or dietitian. It is important to eat a healthy diet and to eat about the same amounts of the same kinds of foods at about the same time every day. Skipping or delaying meals or changing the amount or kind of food you eat can cause problems with your blood sugar control. Also, think about what are you doing with insulin intake.


Side effects of Insulin might be a problem when not regulated properly. However, if you need help with management, contact us on our website!


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