What are the Best Medicines for Diabetes Available?

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One of the most common chronic disease in India after heart-related diseases is that of Diabetes. A number of treatments and medication has been suggested to diabetic patients. Yet, we always have a question in mind, what is the best medicine for diabetes?


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According to the Medical News Today report, it says ” Treatment for type 1 diabetes always involves insulin. This replaces absent insulin and keeps blood sugar levels steady…….Insulin can also help manage high blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetes, but doctors typically prescribe it only when other treatments have not had the desired effect.” the report also mentioned that most of them have mixed or combined effects on the patients.



What are the Best Medicines for 1 Diabetes?


Best Medicine For Type 1 Diabetes:


As we can read above there are different types of medication that type 1 requires which is more insulin centric.


1) Insulin


This one has to be the imperative choice in your list. It is actually the elixir you need. You have to make sure you know the basic intricacies of it. There are some types that you should be aware of before choosing these:


a) Short-acting insulin

b) Rapid-acting insulins

c)Intermediate-acting insulin

d)Long-acting insulins



2) Amylinomimetic Drug


These drugs are taken before the meal. They are injected into the body. It delays the time that your stomach takes to empty itself. It reduces glucagon secretion after meals. It is an important addition to lower your sugar levels.


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What are the Best Medicines for Type 2 diabetes?


In most of the people, you might find have high blood glucose levels in spite of applying lifestyle measures. They could have done so to bring the levels down. However, they still have to visit the doctors. They are then prescribed non-insulin drugs to lower blood glucose. Here are some of the best medicines that might be included in type 2 patients


1) Sulfonylureas


A must on your list if you are a diabetic patient with type 2 diabetes. These drugs are basically used to balance the insulin level in your body.


2) Meglitinides


Meglitinides are used in the body to enhance insulin secretion. These might also improve the effectiveness of the body to produce insulin during meals.


3) Biguanides


Instead of facilitating the process of producing insulin. This particularly helps to boost the already present insulin in the body. You tend to have insulin working better in that case in the body with these drugs.


4) Thiazolidinediones


Thiazolidinediones reduce the resistance of tissues to the effects of insulin. These are prescribed to be used only with laid down safety. It is done so because of the side effects that one can go through while it is consumed.


There are a lot of medications available to treat both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. They work in various ways to help you control your blood sugar. Ask your doctor which is the best medicine for diabetes which is good for you. Your doctor will make recommendations based on the type of diabetes you have, your health, and other factors. You can also find great help on our website.


Now that you know these medications to balance blood sugar levels, you are ought to visit the doctor who treats diabetics in order to know which is the suitable medicine for you. We advise you to consult a healthcare expert before including any of the mentioned medicines in your routine. If you are a reader belonging to Delhi/NCR region, you might be looking for a diabetes specialist doctor in Noida. Simply click on the link to book an online appointment with the concerned doctor in just a few simple steps.


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