7 Steps to Reduce The Risk of Diabetes One Should Follow

Somya Verma

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It is time we break the myth about how to control the risk of getting diabetic. We have mostly been told that lowering sugar can help save ourselves from Diabetes. Yet, that is not enough these days. We might get diabetes even after following an extremely low sugar food diet. Hence, here is a list of steps to reduce the risk of diabetes. You might be surprised that the efforts you were putting in were not even needed. On the other hand, some of your efforts were not even enough to save you from Diabetes. You should consider consulting the best diabetes doctor near you to know the accurate causes of your diabetic condition and proper ways to manage your diabetes.


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What is Diabetes?


Diabetes is a disease that happens when blood glucose and blood sugar, is too high. Blood glucose is the main source of energy and it comes from the food we eat. Insulin, a hormone that is made by the pancreas, helps glucose from food get into your cells to be used for energy.


Steps to Reduce the Risk of Diabetes:


1) No sugar:


Say no to sugar! The major culprit of someone going through diabetes is the amount of Sugar you take in. Cut down these sugar intakes. While you think eating fruits is getting you healthy, then you might want to re-think. You should always check the glycemic index of the fruit, it should not be high.


2) Run Run:


A healthy routine which includes exercise can always keep you fit. You have to understand that in terms of diabetes it helps you balance your sugar levels. It also helps the insulin in your body to effectively work.


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3) Lose Extra kgs:


The chances of you getting diabetes are higher if you are an obese person. The first recommendation would be to lose those extra kgs that make you unhealthy. Overweight and obesity is a welcoming gesture to all chronic disease.


4) Leave Those Simple Carbs:


What can destroy your perfect meal with an unhealthy presence? It is those simpler carbs which are a straight “No-no” in case of diabetes. You should plan a diet that has minimum carbs involved and maximum vitamins and non-sugary products.


5) Do Calculative Eating:


You have to watch your portion size while eating. You should, in general never fill yourself to the mouth. If we see steps to reduce the risk of diabetes, there is a role of portion size. Whether or not you decide to follow a low-carb diet, it’s important to avoid large portions of food to reduce the risk of diabetes, especially if you are overweight.


6) Include High Fibers:


To balance your weight and diabetes, you must have enough fibers. They help in keeping body toned and do not allow the blood sugar to increase in the body.


7) Be Happy and Stress-free:


This one is cherry on the cake. In steps to reduce the risk of diabetes, this aspect should never be forgotten. If we are happy, no matter what happens our body will still remain in good health. Do not take the stress and rest enough.


Eating the right foods and adopting other lifestyle behaviors that promote healthy blood sugar and insulin levels will give you the best chance at avoiding diabetes. These have to be taken care of in terms of steps taken to reduce the risk of diabetes. If you have any other doubts to be cleared, you can always ask for help on our website.


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