6 Simple And Effective Home Remedies For Bedwetting In Kids

Shikhar Atri

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Bed-wetting in children is not a disease, but quite natural until the age of 4 to 5. It is a common condition, which not only includes physiological but also psychological impact as well. Bed-wetting is also known as enuresis, which generally occurs at night.


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However, there are only 10% of children who have symptoms of enuresis in the day time. There are multiple ways to stop bed-wetting through home remedies for bed-wetting in kids.


What are the causes of bed-wetting in kids?


First, Let’s discuss some causes for bed-wetting:




  • Inability to wake up from sleep


  • Psychological issues


  • Genetic factor


  • Nasal obstruction


Types of Home Remedies for bed-wetting in kids


Before going to the doctor, try the following things to stop your child’s bed-wetting habit.


Make sure to urinate your child twice before sleep


It is very important to make your child urinate twice before going to sleep because, if there will less liquid in the bladder, then there would be no bed-wetting.


Reduce liquid consumption in the evening


Ask your child to drink the liquid in the day time. However, restrict the liquid consumption in the evening, which can help the bladder to be empty before going to sleep or bed. many people apply these home remedies for bed-wetting in kids.


Make a schedule in a night


Wake up your child every night for urination, which can help them to make a routine for urine, and it can prevent them from bed-wetting. Some adults and teenagers also follow this routine.


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Improve the bladder capacity


The capacity of the bladder is poor, which is why it leads to bed-wetting. To reduce bed-wetting, you should help your child to increase the capacity of the bladder. It can be done by drinking lots of water and hold the urine for a little longer.


 Give a reward


Give a reward to your child when you find that he or she didn’t pee last night on bed. It will encourage them to make dry nights, and they can feel good, but sometimes when they are not able to control the urine and loses the reward they might feel sad.


Caffeine-free Diet


Don’t give a caffeine-related item to your child as drinks contain caffeine can cause more bed-wetting because they contain stimulants.




As discussed several home remedies for bed-wetting in kids, many people think that it is a disease, but it’s not. Some kids do it because of some psychological problems who fear something or could not able to control, for these problems consult a therapist. Also, apply all these home remedies for kids to help them reduce bed-wetting.


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