5 Best And Natural Ways To Sharpen Your Memory

Divya Tripathi

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Memories are the essence of a human body that defines who we are. So, that’s the reason why losing memory feels like losing oneself. Regardless of you are a student, working professional, or senior citizen memory loss can affect your personal as well as social life. Are you worried? Of course, you would be, but you know there are some ways to sharpen your memory. Read more to know what those ways are.


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Learn 5 natural ways to sharpen your memory


Your brain has the ability to reshape itself, you can enhance and sharpen your memory at any stage of your life. Here are some natural ways for you to do so:


1. Do some brain exercises


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Remember the dialogue of 3 Idiots- “because they are the unused brain,” do you? Here I’m referring to give you brain a mental stretching. As to why- the more you use your brain the more it will function properly and the more it will expand your memory bank. To do mental stretching you can play brain games like crossword, Sudoku, and others.


2. Physical workout


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You did mental stretching, next it’s time for physical stretching. You might not know but regular exercising is among the natural ways to sharpen your memory.  It increases the blood flow to the body and provides extra oxygen and nutrient to your brain. Hence, by nourishing your brain it helps you in improving your memory.


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3. Manage stress


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Stress and brain are like apple and orange. Stress can damage brain cells, some researches have linked stress with memory loss too. To manage stress you do things mentioned below:



  • Get plenty of sleep.


  • Talk to friends and family.


  • Get some me time to learn new things.


  • Laugh more often


4. Eat a brain-healthy diet


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To perform tasks your body needs fuel or energy, some go to the brain. Your brain does need a healthy and balanced diet which includes colorful fruits and vegetables; whole grains, healthy fat, and lean protein for its proper functioning.


Here include these items mentioned below to boost and sharpen your memory:



  • Limit calories and saturated fat


  • Include more fruits and veggies in your diet


  • Add green tea to your busy schedule, etc


5. Give your mind a break


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Don’t get too involved in your work or studies that you even forget to give yourself and your brain some break. To be productive and creative you need to give your mind a break and relaxing time. Like your body your brain also gets exhausted. So, take breaks to let your brain restart itself.


We suppose you must have understood all the ways to sharpen your memory. You are not supposed to apply them all together, go step by step, or apply one at a time. So, help yourself and sharpen your brainpower and your memory.


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