Culture of India, Enjoy it Post treatment


When you travel in general, you do it for various reasons. While you go to places for medical purposes, you tend to have a specific reason. In any case, you must know the place well, at least the culture and how the country is. The culture of India is known to be the richest across the world, and it is. Given the diversity the country offers. Keeping up with that thought, we have some interesting things that you must know as medical tourists.


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Culture of India, The way you see it


India has lived with the idea of “vasudev kutukumb” which means that the world is a family and everyone must receive love. This makes it even more of a reason to be treated in this country. GoMedii International will give you a little tour to this and we are sure you will be interested to drop an inquiry then!


1.The architecture


From the Taj Mahal to the Konark Temple, India is bestowed with the best style of architecture. Once you are done with physical healing, you can choose our packages to tour the country a bit. We are sure you will be mesmerized by the culture of India.


2. Diversity of weather


Are you a mountain weather person or the beach weather? Well, just so you know, India, along with monuments is diverse in the weather palette also. While Himachal and Uttrakhand and up further North is heaven with a belt of mountains, in Southern and Western India, we have beautiful and breathtaking beaches for you. So, where are you going after the treatment?


3. Language


India has 28 states and seven territories, according to the World Health Organization. There is no official language in India, according to a Gujarat High Court ruling in 2010, though Hindi is the official language of the government. The Constitution of India officially recognizes 23 official languages. In a country with such diversity, it just gets amazing from here!


4. Food that melts your taste buds and fills your heart


Well, with a country that hosts 23 languages, you cannot miss on what culture of India when it comes to food does, right? With Kahwa up in Kashmir to Prawn Stew and Appum in South, we give you a buffet that you can never resist. After a tough treatment journey, you must enjoy a healthy feast. Tour India and find your favorite state and food.


5. Folklore and music


We have used our stories and tales to tell the world who we are. Ramayan and Mahabharata, Laila and Majnu, Tenali Raman to Akbar and Birbal they are tales heard all over the world. Our music also has it’s own taste and sound, which heals you spiritually, so what are you waiting for? Go and search for some folk dance or music concert around the city you visit.


6. Clothing


Indian clothing is closely identified with the colorful silk saris worn by many of the country’s women. A traditional piece of clothing for men is the dhoti, an unstitched piece of cloth that is tied around the waist and legs. The culture of India allows all the people to experiment, so you might find the same saree with a different way of styling in one part and different in the other.


The culture of India helps you know the country better and better, once you are here for treatment, you need a break. It is then that the tour of the place helps you cherish and relax with your loved ones. To know more, drop an inquiry on our GoMedii Website, now.

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