Know the Benefits of Doing These Exercises in Pregnancy

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Pregnancy brings a lot of changes in the way the body of a woman transforms. Keeping oneself healthy is the main priority in this case and it should be the duty of all the people around us and ourselves as well to take a certain amount of care. As ladies, a trimmed waist and a perfect body is always a striving dream, in pregnancy and after the child is born, there are major changes in keeping that dream alive. However, we have for you exercises in pregnancy that can help you keep your body in shape and also keep you and your child healthy till the time of delivery and also after delivery.


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Is it Safe to do Exercise in Pregnancy?


Most of the females have this confusion if they should be exercising during their trimesters, or should they even exercise at all. This concern is valid but taking so much stress over the issue is wrong. There are certain type of exercise that will not affect your unborn child if you do it. They would, on the other hand, help you to stay healthy and also ease pain during your labor time.


What is the Exercise in Pregnancy That Can be Done?


1) Brisk Walking


Know the Benefits of Doing These Exercises in Pregnancy


One of the easiest way to keep yourself in shape and healthy in pregnancy is brisk walking. You can always spare some time from being extremely pampered to just take a walk. However, we would suggest that walking should only be done in the early trimesters as later in pregnancy you might lose balance and coordination.



2) Swimming


Know the Benefits of Doing These Exercises in Pregnancy


This exercise helps to balance the weight if the ladies are overweight which also might be lead to some complications in their delivery process. Choose the strokes that help you and feel comfortable. You do not have to use all your limbs to prove yourself next to Phelps! So make sure you take care of and all safe while you choose swimming as an exercise in pregnancy.


3) Lunges and Squats


Know the Benefits of Doing These Exercises in Pregnancy (5)


Well, the perks of these are not a secret, while you get all these three in a combo Strengthens legs, buttocks, pelvic floor and biceps, you also keep your pregnant self extremely healthy and fit.



4) Yoga


Know the Benefits of Doing These Exercises in Pregnancy (6)


It is the solution to all your problems and apprehension. Doing yoga with ease during pregnancy keeps you away from all kind of stress and disturbing thoughts that are obvious to be in your head during this time of your life.


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5) Less Tempo Aerobic



Know the Benefits of Doing These Exercises in Pregnancy



Aerobic exercise strengthens the heart and lungs and helps maintain muscle tone. Low-impact aerobics excludes jumping, high kicks, leaps, or fast running. You do not have to turn in to a gym or Zumba enthusiast but can do less or lower tempo exercise.


Let us now give you a little insight into the benefits you may experience if you exercise in pregnancy:


  • Eases the labor process


  • Increase the chances of a natural birth


  • Decrease the need for pain relief


  • Speed up recovery after delivery


  • Reduce the risk of gestational diabetes and hypertension


  • Decrease the likelihood of preterm labor and birth



What not to do while you exercise in pregnancy?


While these are the benefits there some exercises that should not be done and can prove critical for the mother and the child.


  • Don’t lie flat on your back, as the weight of your bump presses on the big blood vessels and can risk the blood flow for the baby.


  • Avoid taking part in contact sports where there’s a risk of being hit


  • Don’t take part in horse riding, downhill skiing, ice hockey, gymnastics and cycling


  • Sat no go scuba-diving


  • Don’t do repetitive high impact exercise, or with lots of twists and turns, high stepping or sudden stops that cause joint discomfort.


With all said and done, there you go Ladies! You can exercise in pregnancy and stay fit with your baby being healthy as well. Any doubt can be cleared by our consultants and health experts.


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