Positive Impact of Exercising During Pregnancy To Reduce Your Labor Time

Tanuja Bisht

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As we all know that becoming a mother is the most precious thing for women. For them, pregnancy and new motherhood is a joy at least some of the time. But most soon to be mothers also experience worry, guilt, disappointment, competition, frustration, and even fear and anger.




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Most soon-to-be moms and their healthcare professionals or doctors have always known that it’s safe to carry on with a fitness routine while they are pregnant, but that doesn’t mean those do not think about the effect their squat sessions or morning run does to their body and fetus.




A new study appeared in the periodical ” European Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology,” conducted by the Technical University of Madrid, reveals that those women who do an exercise can reduce their time duration of labor.



The study also reveals that those women exercised during pregnancy were more likely to have a decreased duration of the first phase of their labor as well as the total time of the first two phases together which ultimately decrease in total labor time.




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Physical activity in pregnancy has fewer risks and has been shown to benefit most of the women, although some modification is required to exercise routines because of normal physiologic and anatomic changes and fetal requirements.




Women with uncomplicated pregnancies should be encouraged to engage in strength-conditioning and aerobic exercises before, during, and after pregnancy.




If a woman wants to do yoga, CrossFit, Pilates, jog a few miles, or lift weights she is good to go, as long as she talks to her doctor and the doctor will provide her all-clear things regarding exercises.




Then again, there are tons of women who get pregnant and have never taken workout seriously in their lives and have no intention of pushing in some prenatal pilates because there are about lots of other things they want to take care of and are fine for skipping the gym with their lifestyle.




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Or else, there are women who have to stay in bed for most of their pregnancies due to their complications with pregnancies and can’t even think about squats due to doctors’ advice.




It’s best to remember that according to the study, those women who exercised had less labor time and might have been more inclined to refuse an epidural if they do proper work out once a week.




But that doesn’t mean that working out or doing exercises will hand down by making your labor epidural-free or easier. And if you don’t work out at all, just tell your doctor or healthcare provider about it. Being pregnant is different for everyone, so own it.


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