How to get rid of eyelid twitching?

Anju Bisht

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It’s about last week, for three days, I felt a sudden eyelid twitching, nerve jumping or whatever you call it. It felt as if some kind of insect was hitting its wings on my eyelid. Then, there is a belief in the Indian community that there is something spiritual about it. Well, not going to that way though and also not sure about it too.

But yes, we are going to tell you about what are the causes and how to stop the eyelid twitching.


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What is the twitching of eyelids?


There are different terms used to define eyelid twitching, such as Eyelid spasm, Blepharospasm, and Myokymia. In general, this only affects the eyelid and can involve either the upper or lower lid. It usually involves only one eye at a time and it can be range in between from barely noticeable to extremely annoying.


However, the eyelid spasm goes away on its own within a week by properly resting, implementing stress-relieving techniques, and reducing caffeine intake.


How to stop the eyelid twitching?


Most of the twitching goes away on their own without following any treatment. But, it can turn into annoyance anytime if it lasts longer. For the same, you can follow the below steps to reduce or stop the eyelid twitching:


1.  Get some sleep


Tiredness, stress, and sleep deprivation can often turn into a cause of twitching eyelids. A better way to reduce the twitching is to get some restorative sleep. Also, reducing stress with some relieving techniques, such as yoga can improve the spasms.


2. Give a break to caffeine


Certain stimulants can cause eyelid twitching like coffee, tea, alcohol, etc. In this reference, limit the intake of such stimulants to reduce or stop the eyelid spasms.


3. Lubricate your eyes


Often irritation and dryness in the eye can cause eye spasm. In that case, you can get an over-the-counter eye drop for treating the dryness and irritation.


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What causes the twitching of eyelids?


The eyelid twitches due to certain factors, such as fatigue, stress, caffeine, and heavy alcohol intake. But hardly ever due to some medication side effects. Normal spasms when begins then continue to go on and off for a few days. They may disappear but can be very annoying.


In severe contractions, where the eyelid completely closes the below mentioned can be the causes:


  • Irritation in the cornea
  • Irritation in the conjunctiva (transparent membranes lining the eyelids)

Most of the time the reason for eyelid twitching cannot be found.


When to worry about eye twitching?


There is nothing much to worry about, but you can consult a doctor or eye doctor if you face any of the below cases:


  • If twitching last for more than 1 week
  • Complete closure of eye with each twitch
  • Twitching in other body parts
  • Eyelid twitching accompanied by redness, swelling, and discharge.
  • Drooping eyelid


Lastly, people often wonder Can dehydration cause eye twitching? Well yes, caffeine and alcohol are diuretics that mean they cause more excretion of fluids through urine. Hence, dehydration can cause muscle cramps and twitch.

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