6 Food Items To Be Avoided In Winters!

Divya Tripathi

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Sitting up in a corner with a blanket, sipping a mug of coffee with a plate of fried snacks are the best ways to spend a winter evening. But it is not a very good idea if you have already cold, then these foods can cause throat pain. As we all know that cold and sore throats take really a long time to get cured completely. So today we are going to share some food items to be avoided in winters to avoid common cold problems.


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Food Items To Be Avoided In Winters


Everyone wants to eat or sleep more during winter, which is not wrong completely, but certain things you need to keep in your mind to stay away from sore throat and cold. Here, we have a list of some food items to be avoided in winters.


1. Dairy Products:


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Dairy products like milk and yogurt don’t cause mucus, but they can increase the thickening of mucus. So if you’re experiencing congestion then the consumption of milk-based products can make it worse. Apart from thickening your mucus and saliva, dairy products can also make swallowing difficult.


2. Coffee or Tea:


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Beverages such as coffee, tea, and soft drinks contain caffeine, which is a diuretic that dehydrates your body. So, it is one of the food items to be avoided in winters. Dehydration can increase the thickness of mucus, so it’s better to avoid caffeine and drink a lot of water instead.


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3. Meat (Red signal!):




As we all know that meat and eggs contain a lot of protein, which can lead to a build-up of mucus in your throat. However, poultry and are fish relatively safer, processed meats and high-fat red meats especially cause this problem, so try to buy meats that are organic and have not been processed.


4. Foods that contain fat:


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Fats and oils which come from animal products, like butter, lard, and omega-6 fatty acids, can lead to more mucus. If you are having a cold or cough, try to avoid these fats and stick to vegetable oils instead.


5. Fried grains and nuts:


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We all know nuts are good in winters, dry or roasted nuts do not cause mucus, but when it comes to oily nuts it does. Seeds, rice, legumes, and oatmeal also highly mucus production, as do foods like pasta, bread, and processed cereals.


6. Histamine rich foods:



Histamine is a substance that helps your body to fight with various allergies. If you are already dealing with the cold then eating foods that contain histamine can lead to producing more mucus. These foods include tomatoes, eggs, spinach, mushrooms, avocados, dried fruits, alcohol, yogurt, vinegar, and fermented foods.

Some other food items like shellfish, strawberries, papayas, bananas pineapple and chocolate don’t contain histamine, but they do cause your body to produce it, resulting in more mucus.




Here we have discussed some food items to be avoided in winter, especially if you are dealing with the sore throat or cold. Along with so many good things winters come with lots of infections, so it is better to do take care of your health and if your problem gets worst then consult the doctor for as soon as possible.


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