7 Best Foods For Summer Skincare! Try It Once

Divya Tripathi

, Health A2Z

Summers are here, and we bring some good foods for summer skincare that you should be eating this summer. The blistering summer heat tends to bring along with it problems such as dehydration, skin sensitivities, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies that eventually take a toll on your glow. So, let’s explore the best one for you.


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Foods for summer skincare


1. Chaas or buttermilk, foods for summer skincare


10 Best drinks to beat bloating and acidity this summer


We Indians are very fond of our favorite and desi drink chaas or buttermilk especially during the time of hot summers. It is not only good for your gut, as it contains bacteria that aids in digestion it is one of the You can make it supercooling by adding some rock salt, cumin powder, mint, and water. You can consider it as one f the best foods for summer skincare.


2. Sattu


Sattu, are you aware of its benefits and cooling qualities during summers. Well, let me tell you it is a flour made of mixed grains. Which is highly enriched with protein and considered a nutritional powerhouse. During the summer, you tend to feel fatigued and exhausted due to excessive sweating, and eventually, all your energy is drained.  not only this, but it contains hydrating properties that help to restore the skin’s natural glow. so, you can say that it is one of the best foods for summer skincare.


4. Lemon


10 Best drinks to beat bloating and acidity this summer


Lemon reminds us the chilled lemonade during the summer which helps to cool down our head during the hot summer. Lemons are highly enriched with Vitamin C, lime water prevents dehydration, keeps you cool and refreshed during the day. It also helps with digestion and tremendously works for good and healthy skin.


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5. Raw mango one of the best foods for summer skincare



10 Best drinks to beat bloating and acidity this summer


Yum! Aam Panna or a raw mango drink is a refreshing summer drink made from green mangoes. Aam panna is one of the best coolers during the hot summers. The tangy taste of unripe mangoes is not only good in taste even it is good for the skin as well as digestion.


6. Mint


10 Best drinks to beat bloating and acidity this summer


We all are very well aware of the qualities of Mint, it not only keeps the body temperature cool but also gives you a refreshing effect. you can use it in different summer cooler drinks and make chutney or raita. It is not only refreshing and cool but also good foods for summer skincare.


7. Cucumber


10 Best drinks to beat bloating and acidity this summer


Considering the vegetable is part of a popular simile that compares it to coolness, a list of summer foods of the skincare would be incomplete without the cucumber. Full of fiber, cucumbers are great to keep the gut clean and help keep the body hydrated on hot, sunny days with their high water content.




Here we have discussed the summer foods for skincare, you can try these food items to keep your skin fresh and delightful. if you are having any skin related trouble then you can consult a good dermatologist through teleconsultation.


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