Winter Hair Care: Tips for Hair Care During Winters

Anju Bisht

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Make this winter a healthy hair season! With winter’s approaching let’s get a handful of tips for hair care during winters. In winters, cold winds take away the moisture from your hair and leave the hair dull, rough, and entangled. Don’t just let the cold breeze steal the moisture from your hair. Keep these DIY ready for hair care during winters.


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Tips for Hair Care During Winters:


It is almost time to give your hair the necessary care. Follow these tips for hair care during winters:


1. No to Hot water


Winter chills are scary if bathing in cold water. But believe me, taking bath either on warm or cool water will protect your hair as well as your delicate skin on your scalp. Avoid hot water hair wash as it can dry out your hair and even can damage the scalp skin.



2. Dry the Hair First


Do not just leave the house with wet hair as hair takes time to dry in the winter. If not, hair can freeze and may ultimately cause hair fall and damage.


3. Get Regular Trimming Done


Irrespective of the fact you have short or long lengths of hair, winter can dry the ends of the hair. With regular trim, you can protect your hair from getting the split end and can even keep them in good condition.


4. Start With a Balanced Diet


Undoubtedly, all you need for healthy and shiny hair is a balanced diet. The best tips for hair care during winters is to get a well-balanced diet. Get a diet that provides essential nutrients to the hair, and helps in repairing and nourishing hair.


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5. Hydrated Scalp


Make sure to stay hydrated as it can cause dryness, dandruff, hair roughness that will lead to hair loss. To keep a hydrated scalp drink plenty of water and use moisturizing hair products.


6. Limit Over-styling


Do not use heating tools such as dryers, curlers, and straighteners too much. Otherwise, the heating can cause dryness in the hair and scalp. Moreover can cause the risk of damage.


7. Cover it Up


To protect your hair from winter dryness, cover your hair with a scarf or hat. Ensure that the hat or scarf is not too tight. Otherwise, it can build up the sweat and afterward leading to irritation.


8. Get Massage


One simple formula to deal with dandruff is to get a warm oil massage. With a coconut oil get a massage and leave it for 20/30 minutes and then rinse it off with a shampoo. Try this twice or thrice in a week.


9. Get the Protein Mask Ready


In order to rebuild and repair the damage give your hair a protein-rich mask. The protein-rich mask will take care of your hair in the winter. For instant get an egg mask, apply and leave it for 30 minutes. Then, wash it off with shampoo.


Hoping that these tips for hair care during winters will make your hair shiny, smooth and nourished. Give your hair the necessary care and enjoy the winter chills with these amazing tips. This winter gets to shine your beautiful hair.


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