Hangover Cure: Does Water Help With a Hangover?

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Wohooo party time! A family gets together or a birthday party we used to drink and sometimes we cannot even count that how much we consume it, but it can be worsened in the morning because then we are dealing with hangover issue. A hangover is a feeling when a person experiences some uneasiness, dizziness, pukish feeling and strong headache due to excess consumption of alcohol. Hi, being a well-wisher I am providing 6 easy and effective ways of a hangover cure.


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Define Hangover


A hangover can leave someone with fatigue, nausea, and muscle aches. Drinking alcohol can cause fatigue, nausea, brain fog, and low mood the next day. People who are undergoing a hangover feel these symptoms partly because of the after-effects of drinking alcohol, including:



  • Electrolyte imbalances


  • Alcohol withdrawal



  • Stomach and intestine inflammation



6 Ways of Hangover Cure:


Here 6 simple ways of hangover cure include:


1. Drink Plenty of Water


Hangover Cure Does water help with a hangover



Hydrating the body by drinking water may help to improve the symptoms of a hangover. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it increases the amount of urine a person passes. The resulting loss in the fluid can cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. These factors contribute to a hangover.


Staying hydrated while drinking alcohol could help to prevent or reduce a hangover. People can try drinking a glass of water between alcoholic drinks and just before bed.


2. Get Some Sleep


Hangover Cure Does water help with a hangover


Alcohol can cause sleep disturbances and may be associated with decreased sleep quality and duration for some individuals. Though low to moderate amounts of alcohol may initially promote sleep, studies show that higher amounts and chronic use can ultimately disrupt sleep patterns.


A lack of sleep does not cause a hangover, it can make the hangover worse. Fatigue, headaches, and irritability are all hangover symptoms that can be exacerbated by a lack of sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep and allowing your body to recover may help alleviate symptoms and make a hangover more bearable.


3. Have a Good Breakfast


Hangover Cure Does water help with a hangover



Eating in the morning helps to regulate blood sugar levels to relieve this discomfort partially. When the body breaks down alcohol, lactic acid levels increase. This causes a drop in blood sugar levels, which can contribute to a hangover.


Having a good breakfast can help to restore blood sugar to the correct level and also improve some symptoms of a hangover. A person’s body also needs some nutritious foods which include protein, carbohydrates, healthful fats, and vitamins to repair and recover.


There is no current research to say that particular foods, such as greasy or fried breakfasts, are more effective than others. Many people believe that carbohydrates are particularly effective for “soaking up” alcohol, though research has not looked into this.


4. Get Some Vitamins


Hangover Cure Does water help with a hangover

At that time the body could really use some vitamins. The easiest and effective way is to drink orange juice for a healthy dose of Vitamin C.


5. Drinking Some Coffee or Tea


Hangover Cure Does water help with a hangover


Caffeinated drinks and coffee act as stimulants, which improve the feelings of fatigue which come with a hangover. Coffee, black tea, and green tea contain some antioxidants which help to reduce the adverse effects of alcohol consumption. Although, drinks which contain caffeine are diuretics, which may worsen the effects of dehydration in the body.


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6. Take Some Antioxidants


Hangover Cure Does water help with a hangover


The alcohol causes oxidative stress, leading the body to produce free radicals. Antioxidants may help with this. According to the research has linked oxidative stress to many health conditions, including heart disease and cancers. Antioxidants are compounds that help mop up these free radicals. People may benefit from eating foods high in antioxidants to reduce the negative effects of drinking alcohol.


Good dietary sources of antioxidants include:


  • Berries


  • Cherries


  • Grapes


  • Pomegranates


  • Carrots


  • Spinach



  • Dark chocolate


  • Nuts and seeds


  • Green and black teas


How Long Does a Hangover Last?


It can last up to 60-72 hours after drinking, but most are shorter in duration. It generally depends on how much was consumed, how dehydrated you became, nutritional status, ethnicity, gender, the state of your liver, medications, etc.


How Do You Sober Up Quickly?


Here, some ways to sober up quickly such as:



  • Take a cold shower


  • Drink lots of water


  • Get fresh air


  • Vomit


  • Sweat


  • Eat




I think this 6 easy ways of hangover cure would help you to manage your hangover easily and effectively. But if your condition gets really bad then go to the doctor’s clinic and consult your condition with him or her.


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