Health Resolutions To Keep This New Year 2020!

Somya Verma

, Health A2Z

Are you excited for the new year? We are sure your party plans are all ready, and destinations are set. With the new year around the corner, it is also time to discuss your new year’s Health Resolutions. Are you going to travel to new places or get in the perfect shape this 2020?


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When you decide something for yourself, do not forget that being healthy is also a resolution you must take this new year. We have with us, the reasons why your new year resolution must include the promise to be healthy.


Along with your wish list and resolutions, we will give you the list of what your organs wish to have this new year. Keeping your body parts in perfect health is keeping yourself also in good health.


Health resolutions of this New year 2020!


It is time to take care of your dear organs. They work all year long to keep you fit. It is time to make a promise to keep them fit as well. So let’s see which health resolutions are needed for each of our organs.

What are the new year health resolutions for your heart?



Our heart is easily disturbed by our eating habits. Any problem ranging from chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure to obesity damages our heart. We hardly think about it most of the time. This new year, make a resolution that you will not let your heart suffer from any damage.


Do more exercise and reduce the cholesterol levels in your body. Make sure you eat less oily food, or completely avoid any fried junk. Do not take too much stress and manage your blood pressure. Give your heart a little more love this 2020 because “Ye Dil Maange More!”



Your liver needs no alcohol for the new year’s health resolutions!


Avoid Alcoholic Drinks


You must have heard about fatty liver, which damages your liver. Do you know what the cause of it is? Well, it is the excess consumption of hard drinks. We know you have parties lined up which means extra alcohol, so we request you to cut down on those. At the same time, make a promise that you will reduce your drinking as much as you can this new year.


Alcohol, in general, is not a good choice for your liver. So this new year, make a resolution to take better care of your liver. A must-add for the health resolutions.


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What does the brain want this new year?


Stress Relief 9 Ways to Deal With Stress


Stress is something that affects your body functions at all levels. It results in missing periods in females while males can very easily get hypertension. Your stress levels play with your brain, making it overthink and reduce its capacity to work efficiently.

This new year, make sure that your health resolutions involve lesser stress.

You must take 30 minutes to walk when you start stressing too much. You can also take deep breathes and start routine meditation.


New health resolution for your kidneys!



Your kidneys need special care and a new health resolution. Make sure you cut on those sweets and cakes this new year. Stop your craving for the extra sugar and see yourself become healthier.


High sugar leads to diabetes which later brings a toll on the kidneys. Diabetes later causes Chronic Kidney disease and Kidney failure. Well, this new year we do not want to scare you but it is important to take the health resolution of keeping up with your kidney health.



Your health resolutions decide how healthy your upcoming year will be. With all the luck, prosperity and happiness we hope for you a healthy new year. We pray that all your wishes come true, and hope for a healthier and fit new year 2020!


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