Best Health Tips to Beat Heat this Summer 2018

Tanuja Bisht

, Health A2Z

Summer is here and the temperature seems to be rising rapidly every day, sending warning signals to everyone to take precautions for heat waves and summer-related illnesses.


Although we can not control the outside temperature, we can make sure we do everything that can be helpful in staying safe. The hostile climate can exhaust your energy and make you vulnerable to infections, vomiting, nausea, low blood pressure, and tingling.


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With the predictions of temperatures rising above normal, with the starting of April we all should take care of ourselves to make sure our health does not suffer. So here are some important tips for beating the heat this season.


Keep Hydrate and Hydrate

Consider this as the number one rule in this summer. Staying hydrated is very important during summer as it ensures that your body keeps functioning normally. As the heat goes up, it results in excessive sweating, that leads to the reduced energy levels and electrolytes from the body. Sip on flavored water by adding in mineral-rich fruits such as lemon, watermelon, kiwi, etc., or you can make slushies and lemonades at home.


Lemon water



Eat Regularly, But Eat Light

Never overeat during the summer because it makes you lazier. Summer-time tends to reduce one’s appetite because of the excessive heat. Due to which it is more important for you to eat on regular bases in keeping you healthy. The best thing to do is to follow a light diet with summer veggies like squash, bottle gourd, cucumber, and ivy gourd. Avoid heat generating foods such as eggs, meat, and other proteins.


Light food


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Wear Loose Clothes

Needless to say, to stay cool in summer you need to wear loose clothes so that there is good air circulation. Avoid your synthetic trousers and dresses and move to cotton. Even while heading out, keep yourself covered from the harsh sun rays.


Loose cloth



Avoid Skipping Your Breakfast

Never ever avoid your breakfast in only in summers but also in winters, we wake up in the morning after approx 8-hour sleep, so our body needs the energy to start proper body function. Therefore, fuel yourself with a healthy breakfast with carbs, healthy fat, and proteins that help to boost your metabolism and keep you active throughout the day.





Drink Green Tea

Yes, green tea is also beneficial for summers, it helps in increasing the metabolism and accelerate the fat burning process in the body. Green tea is fully packed with antioxidants such as flavonoids and polyphenols, that boost our immunity system and protects us against a cough and flu.


Green tea


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