Benefits of Green Tea

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What is Green Tea?

Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world after water. Several researchers say that 78 percent of the tea consumed worldwide is black tea and green tea is only about 20 percent.

All types of tea, besides herbal tea, are brewed from the dried leaves of the tea plant known as Camellia sinensis bush.

Green tea is made from unoxidized leaves and also the less processed types of tea, therefore it contains the most antioxidants and helpful polyphenols.

Facts Related to Green Tea:

  • Green tea has been used in conventional Indian and Chinese medicine.
  • Several different types of green tea are available in the market.
  • Green tea helps in the prevention of a range of ailment such as cancer.
  • There are several health benefits of green tea.

Health Benefits of Green Tea:

There are several health benefits that are associated with green tea. It is used in making traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, helps in controlling bleeding and heal wounds, improves heart and mental health, aid digestion, and regulate body temperature.

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Several studies have shown that green tea can possibly have positive effects on weight loss, liver disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, and type 2 diabetes.

Several health benefits of green tea are discussed below;

Green Tea and Cancer Prevention:

  • A study conducted by the U.S. National Cancer Institute, which reveals that polyphenols present in the green tea have been shown to decrease tumor growth in laboratory and animal studies and also protect against damage caused by ultraviolet UVB radiation.
  • In countries where green tea consumption is high, cancer rates are lower.
  • Positive impacts of green tea on the following types of cancer such as breast, bladder, esophageal (throat), and ovarian.
  • High level of polyphenols present in the tea, helps in killing cancerous cells and stopping them from further growing.

Green Tea Heart Benefits:

  • According to a study published in the periodical “Journal of the American Medical Association” which reveals that green tea consumption is associated with the reduction of mortality, including cardiovascular disease.
  • If a person drinks at least 5 cups of green tea per day, he had a significantly lower risk of dying (especially from cardiovascular disease), and it contains polyphenolic and catechins compounds that have numerous protective effects, particularly on the cardiovascular system.

Green Tea and Lower Cholesterol:

Consuming green tea in form of beverage or in the capsule is linked with significant reductions in total and Low-density Lipoprotein (LDL) or “bad” cholesterol.

Stroke Risk and Green Tea:

A study appeared in the periodical “Journal of the American Heart Association,” reveals that drinking green tea or coffee on a regular basis is associated with lowering of risk of stroke.

Green Tea for Type 2 Diabetes:

Usually, green tea drinkers have shown a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Green Tea and Weight Loss:

It supports a small, non-significant weight loss in obese and overweight adults.

Green Tea and Inflammatory Skin Diseases:

Several studies show that green tea helps in developing the new treatment for skin disorders like dandruff and psoriasis.

Green Tea and Memory:

A study published in the periodical “Psychopharmacology,” which reveals that green tea can enhance brain’s cognitive functions, particularly the working memory.

Green Tea and Alzheimer’s Disease:

Component of green tea such as CAGTE (or “colon available” green tea extract), the key protein in Alzheimer’s disease. It also helps in other diseases such as stress, treating skin conditions, chronic fatigue and improving arthritis by reducing inflammation.


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