5 Ultimate Health Benefits Of Mushroom Coffee You Should Know

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My love for mushroom coffee is increasing day by day… Do you know why? Let me tell you the health benefits of mushroom coffee

There are a lot of health benefits of mushroom coffee, mushrooms might be a tasty addition to pasta sauces, pizzas, or a cheesesteak sandwiches, but would you drop or add a few of them into your morning cup of coffee?


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You may already be on the side of coffee lovers, but have you ever tried mushroom coffee? Yeah, I know it sounds like a really strange combination, but this fungi-focused coffee is very trendy at the moment and only seems to be picking up steam.


The latest craze to take over the health industry is our morning espressos for mushroom coffee and other mushroom hot beverages.


Lovers of the somewhat the strange brew say that the earthy essence of mushrooms is a complementary addition to coffee that actually makes for a smoother overall flavor. Plus, we get even more antioxidants with less jitter-promoting caffeine.




What Is Mushroom Coffee?

I know, you’re probably imagining a hot cup of coffee ruined by some spongey floating mushrooms. No, this is not what I’m talking about here.


There are several kinds of mushroom coffee being made by various companies all over the world, and it’s basically regular coffee infused with medicinal mushroom extracts.


Mushroom Coffee

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How To Make Mushroom Coffee?

Several companies are now making a powdered combination of coffee and mushrooms extracts. All you need to do is just to add hot water for making a cup of mushroom coffee.


To create mushroom coffee mixes, mushroom extract powders are often created by spray-drying and isolating of different key constituents of medicinal mushrooms. Mushroom powder is promoted as having the health benefits of mushrooms but at an even more concentrated level.



How to make a cup of mushroom coffee


There are all kinds of disease-fighting mushrooms. Some of the most commonly used medicinal mushrooms in mushroom tea and mushroom coffee include:

  • Cordyceps
  • Chaga
  • Turkey Tail
  • Lion’s Mane
  • Reishi




How Does Mushroom Coffee Taste Like?

It doesn’t taste like a mushroom at all, it tastes like same as regular coffee. There are alot of Health Benefits of Mushroom Coffee and you can probably make it on your own with the above instant recipe.



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Top 5 Health Benefits of Mushroom Coffee


1. Anticancer

Some components of the mushroom have been shown to stimulate our immune system in such a way that certain mushrooms appear to exert anticancer and antitumor activity.



2. Loaded with Antioxidants

One of the top coffee benefits of its richness with antioxidant content. Scientific research has shown that an average cup of coffee has disease-fighting and anti-aging antioxidants more than cocoa, black tea, green tea, and herbal tea.



3. Decreases Oxidative Stress

Antioxidants found in coffee beans and mushrooms are health-protective and provide defense against free radicals that we exposed to in our daily lives such as air pollution. Free radicals cause oxidative stress to us, which can then cause cellular damage to our bodies.



4. Boosts Liver Health

You find variations of mushrooms that are included in a mushroom coffee. One particular type you may see in the coffee is the reishi mushroom.


The reishi mushroom is rich in adaptogens that help in improving liver function and prevent liver disease by supporting waste and toxins to be flushed from the body.



5. Aids Digestive and Diabetic Health

Mushrooms are rich in polysaccharides, specifically the bioactive ones that are called the beta-glucans or homopolysaccharides.


These polysaccharides act as prebiotics in our digestive system that directly helps in boosting digestive health in various ways.


These mushroom beta-glucans helps in decreasing body weight, cholesterol, glucose levels, and triglycerides in animals. The beta-glucans also appeared to have a biochemical effect on insulin receptors that are related to improved insulin sensitivity.





With all these benefits, mushroom coffee is far much better than the regular or normal coffee because it contains less caffeine such as 50 mg and the regular one contain 95-200 mg.


So, with all the health benefits of mushroom coffee, I feel that you might wanna switch your regular cup of coffee with the mushroom coffee.


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