Increase Daily Water Intake – Summer is Coming

Divya Tripathi

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“Beat the heat and stay healthy by drinking more water.”


Summer brings sunshine, and sunshine brings heat along with a greater chance of dehydration. If you spend your time outside, make sure you are getting enough water. We are heading to the hottest months of summer, the importance of water intake becomes essential. Hydration is vital for wellbeing, health, and survival. In summers your body can’t store water so you need to provide fresh supplies regularly to avoid dehydration.


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Some Proven Benefits of Water Intake in Summer:


We all aware of the fact that our body is composed of 65 percent water, most of it is located within our cells. The common benefits of water intake are:


  • Regulating your temperature.


  • Helping the kidneys to function and remove toxins.


  • Keeping your skin supple.


  • Aiding in weight loss by increasing fullness and reducing the intake of sugary drinks.


  • Lubricating muscles and joints.


  • Enhancing your mood.



Water Intake During Summers:


It is also necessary to change water consumption habits along with the season change. For example, it is vital to keep yourself hydrated during summers. If you are a healthy person, you can have electrolyte or glucose water or drink lemonade (nimbu paani). It is not only refreshing but can also help to increases your energy levels. Moreover, it is important to maximize water intake in the morning. After waking up, you should drink around two to four glasses of water within the early part of the day. You can also add some lemon, honey and cinnamon as well.


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Your Water Intake Guide:




  • Drink two to four glasses of water (around to 800 ml) after waking up


  • If you stay in an airconditioned environment, avoid drinking more than 2 to 2.5 liters of water per day


  • For moderate workers, like salespersons, it is important to drink around three liters of water


  • During summers, keep yourself hydrated by drinking water at regular intervals.


Tips To increase Water Consumption in Summer:


To increase your water intake and to help yourself staying hydrated, you can pick some of our favorite tips for increasing the daily water consumption


  • Adding a few slices of lemon and juice can add variety and help with digestion.


  • Keep a bottle of water nearby making it easy to drink water and it can help to track your water consumption.


  • Ice blocks which are made from fresh fruit can help to add flavor to water.


  • You can make some ice blocks with lavender or rose petals flowers for a touch of color


  • Some leaves of mint with lemon make a refreshing drink on a hot day.


  • You can add a few slices of cucumber as a clean and refreshing treat.


  • Add some cranberry juice and allow it to sink to the bottom for a drink which looks fascinating.


  • Choose water instead of other beverages when you are out.


  • Add a few drops of rose water in your water bottle.


  • Brew some jasmine tea, green tea, blueberry tea, or your favorite herbal tea and chill overnight.




Well, summers are here at this time, we love to drink instead of eating. So, try to avoid sugary or canned drink and try these tips to increase your water intake which helps to stay hydrated and also help to feel fresh and nourished. But, if you feel dehydrated and you feel the symptoms of dehydration then consult your doctor before it is increased.


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