10 Simple Tips For Infant Care In The Winter

Divya Tripathi

, Health A2Z

Is this the first winter of your little one? Worried that the harsh weather and infections can affect your bundle of joy? Or worried about your infant care in the winter season? So, here we have the solution to all the above mention queries.


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Tips for Infant Care in the Winter Season


Here are 11 useful tips to infant care in the winter season. It will help you to protect your kid from such harsh effects of winters.


1. Breastfeed Your Newborn

Breastfeeding is the best way to boost the immunity of your infant. It will help your baby to keep the cold and infections at bay. Try to breastfeed your baby for the first six months.


2. Wash Your Hands Frequently

Wash your hand frequently and keep them disinfected because you are the first one to contact your child. Also, ask all who come to visit your baby from outside to wash their hands. Because it is the common cause of infection for communicable diseases like cold, flu, and pneumonia.


3. Wash Your Winter Wears Frequently

Wash your winter wears regularly since woolens have the tendency to attract dust which may lead to such disease as allergy or asthma.


4. Use Comfortable Clothing

Before bundling up your little one, please understand your kid’s body type, some kids have a naturally warm body and some have normal, so dress them accordingly. Too many clothes like multiple layers of sweaters, caps, gloves, and socks can restrict them to move easily. Always dress your kid in the cotton underlayer.


5. Do Not Use Heavy Blankets

It sounds very easy to cover the kids with a heavy blanket or quilt and make feel them cozy but does not do so. Remove things like blankets, pillows, and such from your newborn’s crib to curb the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).


6. Do Vaccination On Time

Make sure your little one does not skip any vaccination. It will help keep your baby safe from the diseases that strike during the winter season.


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7. Maintain Warm Room Temperature

Try to keep your home and your baby’s room comfortable and warm. The best to keep it warm is to shut the windows from where cold air keeps blowing quite frequently. But, make sure that the room stays ventilated. Use a heater, so that your baby is comfortable by himself and feel free to play around.


8. Use a Humidifier

In the infant room, you required a heater. If you are using it, also use a humidifier with it. It will maintain the humidity in the room and the moisture in your newborn body.


9. Massage Your Child

Massaging is highly recommended for your newborn. Massaging stimulates the blood flow within the body. Maintain the room temperature warm while massaging your child. In winters you can use natural oils for a message like mustard oil, olive oil, almond oil, and coconut oil.


10. Dont’s Use too Many Product

One of the important tips for infant care in the winters so keeps it in mind. Your infant’s skin is sensitive skin. So, avoid over-using products like baby soaps, shampoos, and body washes during winters. Your newborn may develop rashes because of severe dryness. Use the brand which suits your baby’s skin.




These 11 tips for infant care in the winters will make sure that your newborn remains safe and healthy through the harsh season. So no worries enjoy the season. Happy Winters.


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