13% Of Rise In Covid-19 Cases In Delhi Due To Bad Air, Says IMA

Divya Tripathi

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Delhi has continuously reported more than 6,000 Covid-19 cases in the past few days and 13% of this increase has been estimated to be due to air pollution, according to the Indian Medical Association. Stating that N-95 masks and air purifiers may not provide full-time protection, the doctors’ body stressed the implementation of long-term measures to bring down pollution levels.


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Air pollution damages the inner lining of the lungs and hence increases the severity of Covid-19 infection.


“Increased air pollution leads to increased inflammatory response. In the last few days, Delhi has reported more than 6000 Covid-19 cases per day. 13% percent of the increase has been estimated to be due to pollution,” the IMA said.


In the last 10 days, the national capital and its neighboring areas have seen a sharp spike in air pollution levels.


The Air Quality Index (AQI) in Delhi on Saturday remained above 350 while the safe limit is 0-50. The WHO’s ambient air pollution data shows that the levels of PM10 and PM2.5 in Delhi are way above the normal levels, the IMA stated.


Poor air quality may result in the aggravation of asthma, COPD, high BP, and even cardiovascular diseases. Merely walking could result in health complications due to the high concentration of particulate matter (PM) 2.5 in Delhi’s air.


“N-95 masks and air purifiers may not provide full-time protection. An AQI of above 300 makes it difficult not only for people with respiratory problems but for healthy people as well. Hence, it is advisable that people do not go out early in the morning when pollution levels are the highest. Elderly and children are more likely to develop infections and allergies due to smog,” the doctors’ body said.


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Source: Economic Times

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