Air Pollution: Reason For 70 Million Death Per Year

Rahul Upadhyay

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According to UN environmental and Human Rights Experts, there are around 70 million deaths every year due to air pollution which is present inside and outside the house. Sadly, this number includes about 6 million kids also. UN environment and Human Right expert David Boyd stated that 6 billion people are breathing regularly in this polluted air, which in turn is increasing the risk to their life and health.


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Very little attention is paid to this epidemic of 70 million deaths every year due to air pollution because these deaths are not as dramatic as other deaths from disasters and epidemics. Every hour, around 800 people are dying, many of whom were suffering from cancer for a long time, respiratory illness or heart disease, which are due to direct breathing in polluted air. Associate Professor Boyd in British Columbia University of Canada said that not able to ensure clean air is a violation of the fundamental rights of a healthy environment. He said that these are the rights which 155 countries have given legal recognition.


Moreover, this is not only the responsibility of government organizations. Awareness in common public is also required to move towards a pollution free environment. Because of these 70 million deaths every year due to air pollution, today, many associations and organizations are working to make the country green and clean. Even our Prime Minister is very concerned regarding the pollution free country and he is taking serious steps for the same.


Joining hands with these organization will gradually come up with a positive change for making our environment clean and green. It is not necessary to enroll yourself into these organizations, you are just supposed to follow some basic steps at your end to decrease the air pollution. Below mentioned are some easy steps for the same:


1. Try to conserve energy at your home, office and everywhere possible.
2. Make your habit to check for the ‘Energy Star’ label at the back of the equipment while buying them.
3. Use public transportation wherever possible, it reduces air pollution.
4. Keep the engines of your vehicle properly tuned.
5. Consider using gas logs instead of wood.


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Steps Need to be Taken to Ensure Clean Air


Boyd identified seven important steps that countries should take to ensure clean air. These include monitoring the air quality and its impact on human health, assessing the sources of air pollution and making public information including public health consultations. Boyd said, “There are many instances of good practice such as the programs of India and Indonesia which have turned many poor families towards cleaner cooking techniques and the countries that are ending the use of coal-fired power plants.


When talking about the 70 million deaths every year due to air pollution, below- mentioned are some safety tips to protect yourself from air pollution. It is recommended for everyone to join and encourage the fight for cleaner and healthier air to reduce the big number of 70 million deaths every year due to air pollution.


1. Regularly check the air pollution forecast in your area.
2. Avoid exercising outdoors to reduce the intake of polluted air.
3. Don’t burn your trash.
4. Reduce or stop smoking.
5. Use a dust mask.


However, these steps will work eventually. It is your duty to help yourself and everyone to breathe easier. Also, support the works of the government-oriented programs to reduce the big number of 70 million deaths every year due to air pollution. Take a pledge with yourself to work for this today to ensure a better and healthier environment.


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