Is it safe to order medicines online?

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Ever since technology gifted us virtual pharmacy, life has become further easier. Long waiting queues are, as if, 90’s thing. From ordering medicines within the comfort of the room to getting medicine at the doorstep, there’s a sweet spot known as ease. But the big question mark still hovers around in the mind, is it safe to order medicines online?


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Fair enough, we are here to kick that ‘?’ out of your head. Alongside we’ll tell you 3 magical steps to get your medicines, safely and securely.


Is it safe to order medicines online?


Everything has pros and cons, but it depends upon who overpower whom. With the digitalization of the market, things have become a lot easier for patients. Although there are some flaws, with cautions you can conquer any flaws. Here is everything you must keep in mind when buying medicines online:


1. Legal backing


Misconceptions About Online Pharmacy Time To Explain Them Better


The major unease is related to privacy policies, which is discloser of your personal credentials to the third party. Rest assured, as every online pharmacy has a set of rules and regulations that are legally backed and are supposed to be followed. The company is accountable for any breach of privacy.

With this comes the end of the first concern; is it safe to order medicines online concerning the privacy terms. So, yes it is safe to order medicine online.


2. Prescriptions are a must


Misconceptions About Online Pharmacy Time To Explain Them Better1


You must keep your head straight to the thing that pharmacies like GoMedii and others will always ask for a valid prescription. As your safety and health are our priorities. You will be asked about prescript or doctor’s agreement on medicines even before placing an order. This entire thing is necessary to prevent drug abuse.

Two down, three to go. I’m sure you have clear out your query of ‘is it safe to order medicines online?’ with ‘yes, it is safe’.


3. No Direct Proportion Between Price and Quality



The massive misconception that medicine with low prices will, at the same time, also is of low quality. It is not always necessary to correlate price with quality. The low price can also be an indication of many things such as increasing the customer base and the elimination of the middle man chain thing.

Keep the faith that low prices and discounts are not always related to profit-making or low-quality things. Hence, the answer to ‘is it safe to order medicines online?’ is yes, it is safe.


4. Genuine Medicine



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Here comes another big thing, we often come across the though ‘Are medicine available online safe?’ In that context, yes it is. There is a team of pharmacists sitting at another end of the network connection, check your prescription thoroughly. Plus the medicine that we offer is from reliable and accountable sources, subject to safety and health.


With this, I hope you have understood to change ‘is it safe to order medicines online?’ to ‘yes, it is safe as long as we are cautioned.’ So, as promised the 3 magical steps to get your medicines, safely and securely are listed below:



  1. Download the GoMedii app.
  2. Add the required credentials (Secure).
  3. Upload the prescription and click to order.


Within 4 hours your medicines will be at your doorstep (terms and condition applied).  We would be available 24*7 to deliver your medicine to you from the nearest pharmacy. Our belief is to offer satisfaction, not just medicine.


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