Judge The Food Labels Before You Buy Your Favorite

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How many times have you picked your favorite Lays chips and tried to judge the food labels to understand what is actually going on? We are sure that the number is “0”. You would not do so unless and until you are a fitness enthusiast and you know what you are eating.


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This is something we understand that not everyone does. Yet, do you know that for a fit body, it is important? How and why? We will let you know right here. Before that, however, we would want you to remember that your body is not a pit that you fill with anything. When you respect your body it makes you feel good.


What are these “Food Labels”?


When you pick an item, do you see a table kind of thing that gives you details of various nutrients and components/ 100 or say 10g? That is what is the food labels.


You must see through and judge the food labels before you eat. It is not just because of your gym or you don’t. It is more like, what if you are intolerant to something? This helps to see through that.


Why is it important to read and judge the food labels?


Food Labels, advantages of food labels, balanced nutrition idea, Food labels are your guide and mentor, Helps understand your body, Food density


It is important because your body needs everything in balance. If you do not judge the food labels, you will not know where your body is getting imbalanced.

For example, let us say while you were eating something sugary, you know the carbs and fats which you intake. Now, next time the food you eat will be made sure that it does not have a certain level of fats and sugar!


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What are the advantages of food labels?


Food Labels, advantages of food labels, balanced nutrition idea, Food labels are your guide and mentor, Helps understand your body, Food density


Let us give you reasons why you must judge the food labels before you pick that thing up from your shelf. It is only going to make you thank us.


1) A balanced nutrition idea


Well, you get to know exactly what and how much nutrition you are taking and strike a balance. This is the right kind of balance that you can very easily manage


2) Food labels are your guide and mentor


Going for a fitness ride? Before people start judging and telling you that you cannot be fit again, you must start to judge the food labels. They are your ultimate guide to understanding the nutrition you really need.


3) It takes care of Your heart!


Heart disease occurs when a person’s arteries are clogged by a build-up of fatty deposits on the artery walls. This can result in a blood clot and, if the blood clots block an artery to the heart, can lead to a heart attack. Heart disease can have serious consequences and an unhealthy diet is directly involved in several of the risk factors.


4) Helps understand your body


When you know what you eat, you know what and in which way your body will get affected. In this sense, the food labels help you understand better how to manage your health.


5) Know the “Food density”


You judge the food labels in the right way when you know the density of the food you are eating. It helps you tell the amount of nutrition.


Opt for low energy-dense foods. Energy density refers to the ratio of calories to the weight of the food. Fewer calories per portion size are generally better for weight management. Eating low energy-dense food will help you feel full due to relatively bigger portion size, yet low caloric amount.


What is the most important aspect to judge the food label?


The number of nutrients in a particular quantity of the food. This is something you must see. The major aspect while you are up to judge the food labels is the quantity of each and every nutrient, especially fat and sugar!


Why is it important to read labels very carefully?


We have already given you reasons and they are rock solid! We hope that next time you visit the supermart or the shop you will know how and why to judge the food labels before picking them up! Remember, your body will take what you feed it!


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