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Our body suffers situations that need attention urgently and in a more elaborate manner. One such health issue query we received from Bangladesh for treatment in India was that made us work twice more. The condition was related to epilepsy but wasn’t exactly it. Polymicrogyria Treatment in India was asked by Fatima from Dhaka. We put our best minds for the consultation of her child and while the genetic condition was sensitive, we are here to tell you the specifics of the condition.

Polymicrogyria Treatment in India Is Available!



One of the most significant things about Polymicrogyria Treatment in India was the availability of the treatment itself. Fatima had tried her best. The condition of her child was getting worse, there was no way she could get through any doctor in Bangladesh. It was then that she came across GoMedii & decided to drop the query.


What is Polymicrogyria Treatment?


Polymicrogyria (PMG) is a condition that leads to abnormal development of the brain before birth. This happens during the process in which the baby is still in the womb. At this time the brain cells called neurons are migrating to where they are supposed to go.


For some reason, the neurons become disorganized and land in the wrong places. The surface of the brain normally has many ridges or folds, called gyri.


What are the Polymicrogyria symptoms?


Polymicrogyria Treatment in India is an affordable choice as well. To make the right decision, knowledge of symptoms is necessary. As per the conditions that a child or an adult goes through, the symptoms are classified as:


1) Seizures related

In those who do develop epilepsy, several types of seizures can be seen, based upon the location, severity, and type of disorder itself.

Polymicrogyria affecting a smaller area of one hemisphere (side of the brain) often presents with focal seizures in children or slightly older individuals.


2) Non- Seizures related

Common symptoms and comorbidities to Polymicrogyria are:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Motor delays
  • Cognitive and emotional delays
  • Speech delays
  • Swallowing problems
  • Abnormal head size (too big or too small)

Common cognitive or intellectual disorders connected to PMG include:

  • Speech and motor function delays
  • Autism
  • Behavioral delays
  • Dyslexia


How is Polymicrogyria treated?




Treatment and management of PMG depend on the needs of the individual. Commonly used, but not limited to, is physical therapy for gross motor impairment, orthotic devices, and surgery for those with spastic motor impairment. Speech therapy is widely used for language and feeding impairment.

Augmentative and alternative communication devices are also commonly used to aid in speech deficits. Occupational therapy is used for fine motor difficulties and antiepileptic drugs are used to treat and control seizures.



How Long is Polymicrogyria Life Expectancy?


The condition if treated properly can increase the lifespan of the patient to a large extent. Life becomes normal after a good amount of time. It is just the right kind of attention you receive medically.


Sometimes it may depend on the severity of symptoms, whether complications develop, and whether other birth defects or an underlying syndrome are present.


It is when we at GoMedii help you get the right kind of medical care, Polymicrogyria Treatment in India. Drop your query and witness it yourself.


Can you die from polymicrogyria?


As we have mentioned before the condition and the threat depend on the severity of symptoms. If the condition is beyond treatment, one can do very less. It is here when the right diagnosis plays an important role. You can get the right care with Polymicrogyria Treatment in India


Is polymicrogyria a rare disease?


Yes, given the probability of someone going through the condition makes, polymicrogyria a rare disease. It is therefore difficult to find treatment in most countries.


India on the other hand has now taken its medical quality to next level, this makes it perfect for your treatment. Polymicrogyria Treatment in India is also way cheaper and low cost than most of the western countries.


Is polymicrogyria a genetic disorder?


Polymicrogyria can result from both genetic and environmental causes. It may occur as an isolated finding or as part of a syndrome. Treatment is based on the signs and symptoms present in each person.

Look up to see what are the symptoms that you must keep a check on to know the condition better.


When does polymicrogyria develop?


Tracking the condition is easy with symptoms, however, The age of seizure onset has been found to occur anywhere from 20 months to 15 years. As observed it is in most cases the seizures were intractable.


How Is PMG Diagnosed?




Polymicrogyria is diagnosed by brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which will show the abnormal brain structure and provide information on the location and extent of the abnormality.

In persons with seizures, an EEG can be helpful to confirm the seizure type(s). Persons with PMG should also be considered for genetic testing, as a number of genes have been associated with this brain change.

We do not know exactly how common this condition is, however it is vital to diagnose. PMG is often a cause of drug-resistant epilepsy. Knowing the cause helps guide the treatment programs available.


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