Know the Best Diet for Early-stage Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

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If you are the one who is dealing with chronic kidney disease (CKD) then you should have a kidney-friendly meal plan. Have a proper watch on whatever you eat or drink will help you stay healthy and fit. In this blog, we are going to explore a diet for early-stage Chronic Kidney Disease patients. Dr. Tarun Kaushik is a popular and reputed kidney transplant doctor in Noida with great experience and knowledge of nephrological disorders and disease. Do consult him if you are going through any issues in your kidneys.


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Maintain a healthy weight and having a balanced diet which includes low salt and fat can help you to maintain your blood pressure. If you are dealing with diabetes, then you can maintain your blood sugar by wisely choosing your diet. If you are able to maintain high BP and high blood sugar level that can help you to prevent kidney disease from getting worse.



Healthy Diet Basics:


All meal plans, including the diet for early-stage Chronic Kidney Disease Patients, we should keep a track on the intake of nutrients, such as:


  1. Calories
  2. Protein
  3. Fat
  4. Carbohydrates


  • Calories


Calories are the main source of energy, we get calories from whatever we eat or drink. Protein, carbohydrates, and fat contain calories in good amount. Your calories requirement depends on your age, gender, body size, and activity level.


  • Protein


Proteins are the main building block of our body. We need a certain amount of protein to grow, heal and stay healthy. But the very less or very high amount of protein can create health problems for you. To stay healthy you may need to adjust how much protein you eat, for this consult to your doctor or dietitian to know the right amount for you.


Lower-protein foods:


  • Bread



  • Vegetables


  • Pasta and rice


Higher-protein foods:



  • Poultry


  • Fish




  • Carbohydrates


Carbohydrates in general language it is known as “carbs”, it is the easiest kind of energy for your body to use. Healthy foods items which contain carbohydrates include fruits and vegetables. While the unhealthy food items which contain carbohydrates include sugar, hard candies, soft drinks, and other sugary drinks.



  • Fat


Well, we all need some amount of fat too in our meal plan to stay healthy. Fat provides us energy and also helps us to use some of the vitamins in your food. But the excessive amount of fat can lead to heart disease and weight gain. Good fat is known as unsaturated fat and the food item which contain unsaturated fats include:



  • Olive oil


  • Peanut oil


  • Corn oil


  • Sodium


Sodium is one of a mineral which is found in almost every food. Excess use of sodium can make you thirsty, which can be the reason for swelling and higher blood pressure. It can give a negative impact on your kidneys. To stays healthy the one you should limit the sodium intake in there food. If you are taking diet for early-stage chronic kidney disease patient the sodium intake should be very less.


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Diet for Early-Stage Chronic Kidney Disease Patients


How A Diet for Early-stage Chronic Kidney Disease Patients is Different?


How strictly you should stick in your diet plan is completely dependent on your kidney stage. If you have an early-stage kidney problem, there is very less restriction on whatever you eat and drink. As your kidney condition gets worst, your doctor may suggest you limit your:


  1. Potassium
  2. Phosphorus
  3. Fluids


  • Potassium


Potassium is a mineral which found in almost all foods. Potassium is required to make your muscles work, but the excess amount of potassium is quite dangerous.


Include This Lower-Potassium Food Diet for Early-stage Chronic Kidney Disease Patients


  • Apples, cranberries, grapes, pineapples, and strawberries


  • Cauliflower, onions, peppers, radishes, summer squash, lettuce


  • Pita, tortillas and white bread


  • Beef and chicken, white rice



  • Phosphorus


Phosphorus is a mineral which is also found in almost all foods. The mineral phosphorus works with calcium and vitamin D to keep your bones healthy. Healthy kidneys can store the right amount of phosphorus in your body.


Include This Lower-Phosphorus Food Diet for Early-stage Chronic Kidney Disease Patients


  • Wheat bread
  • Corn or rice cereals and cream of wheat
  • Unsalted popcorn
  • Some light-colored sodas and lemonade



  • Fluids


Water is the basic necessity of life, but when you are dealing with kidney disease, you are not supposed to drink too much water. Because damaged kidneys are not able to do not get rid of extra fluid as soon as they should. Too much fluid in your body can be dangerous. It can cause high blood pressure, swelling and heart failure. Extra liquid also stores around your lungs and make it difficult to breathe.



Diet Chart for Early-Stage Chronic Kidney Disease Patients


Know the Best Diet for Early-stage Chronic Kidney Disease Patients.jpg



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