Know The Causes of Nephroptosis or Dropped Kidney

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You must have heard conditions where the organs of our body slip into other regions and cavities. This happens due to the respective reasons related to the organs. One such condition is related to your Kidney. The medical condition is referred to as Nephroptosis. There are causes of Nephroptosis that we will be dealing with herewith. Along with that, we will also discuss the various treatment and symptoms of the condition that might help you get through the condition.


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What is Nephroptosis?


It is a condition that shifts the positioning of both or one of your Kidneys. They might slip into the abdominal area while standing. there is nothing to get scared of, though it is not advisable that you ignore it either. This particular condition is also known by the floating kidney, wandering kidney, or renal ptosis.


Are There Nephroptosis Symptoms?


In most cases, there have been no such symptoms. This is the reason that makes it difficult to calculate the causes of Nephroptosis. It only occurred to the individual while the pain was felt when standing up. They would otherwise find relief when they lied down. Yet, one can watch out for these symptoms:


1) Severe pain in the flank that would descend down to your groins.

2) Vomiting and Nausea

3) High Blood Pressure

4) A history of having UTI

5) An abdominal mass when standing upright.


Causes of Nephroptosis:


Before discussing the causes one must keep in mind that the research on the topic is still under progress. While the doctors are also not very sure of the facts, we tend to join the dots. As per the observations, these have been seen in those who complain of the condition.


1) Ligaments are Weak:


According to medical experts, one of the major causes of Nephroptosis can be the ligaments being weak. We know that ligaments are responsible for holding the organs in place. Similarily for Kidney, these ligaments are responsible to keep it at the right place.
Hence, when the ligaments fall weak and are not functioning properly, it results in the renal ptosis.


2) By Birth:


It is understood in the medical world that some conditions are by birth that you have since the time of your birth. Causes of Nephroptosis include the possibilities of a birth condition. The experts have said that you can be born with a condition of dropping kidneys. In such a case it becomes difficult to treat the particular condition.


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3) Pregnancy:


During this particular phase of life, your body works in a very different way. Your muscles seem to loose to make space for the extra life in you. At this time there are chances that you can go through weaker connective tissues. In this case, where tissues lack the strength, Nephroptosis is very much possible. It has also been observed that women suffer from this condition more than men.


4) A Sudden Loss of Weight:


While you might be confused about why this can be a cause of Nephroptosis, let us tell you it is. This is because your sudden weight loss results in many tissues losing their strength. This can happen even for those tissues which hold your kidneys together.


5) Excess and Wrong Exercises:


When you do the wrong exercise and in an extensive manner, you are bound to have repercussions. One of them is loose and damaged muscles. This might also affect the tissues around the kidney and will cause them to loosen further.


Is There a Treatment?


Nephroptosis can be very well treated with a surgical procedure known as laparoscopic nephropexy. It’s important to carefully consider the risks of having surgery. In this procedure, the floating kidney is made to be placed back in a normal position. Laparoscopic nephropexy is a minimally invasive modern treatment. It’s done under general anesthesia. The procedure generally takes 45 minutes and requires a hospital stay of two to four days.


As we have given you a brief about the causes of Nephroptosis, we would request you to go through symptoms first. The doctors only treat those with symptoms. You can always visit our website for more information on the topic. With best medical experts we help you get the desired information, in every field.


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