Know The Major Causes of Headache in Children

Divya Tripathi

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Headaches in children are common. Usually, there is nothing to worry about and occur due to common or minor illnesses. These illnesses can be a mild bump to the head, lack of sleep, not getting enough food or drink, or stress. Migraines can also be the cause of headaches in children, but with awareness and avoidance of triggers, they don’t usually cause problems.


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Headaches in children When You Need Medical Assistance


Sometimes, headaches in children are a problem and actually something to worry about. Here is when you should worry:




When your child complains about headaches along with fever and a stiff neck. You should check that your child should be able to look up at the ceiling, touch his chin to his chest, and shake his head back and forth. If not, then you should bring him to an emergency room to check whether it is meningitis.


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Pressure on the brain


When a child is having persistent headaches or frequent vomiting, especially in the absence of other signs of illness like fever or diarrhea. It may just be a virus, and children may have vomiting after a head bump, but it’s worth a call to the doctor, as vomiting can be a sign of pressure on the brain.




When along with a headache, your child is unusually sleepy or has trouble walking, talking, or doing other normal activities. Again, it could just be a virus, consult your doctor for proper diagnosis.


When a headache wakes your child from sleep. Sometimes children wake up for other reasons and realize they have a headache; that doesn’t count. But if the pain itself is waking the child from sleep, that’s not the normal headache.


Frequent headaches in children


When the headaches in children are frequent — or are interfering with daily life. If your child has headaches two or more times a week, or they are making it hard for your child to do homework, play, or otherwise live a normal life, give your doctor a call.


It doesn’t necessarily mean that something serious is going on, but it’s worth a visit to be sure — and to find ways to manage and hopefully prevent the headaches. This is particularly true if you find yourself giving your child medication frequently; it turns out that giving medication frequently can cause headaches to be more frequent.


Whenever there is something about headaches in children that worries you, even if it isn’t on this list. Parents have strong instincts — and always want to allay a parent’s anxiety. So, if something doesn’t seem right to you, or if you have a question, call your doctor. That’s what we are here for.


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