Life After Stroke, Difficult But Not Impossible

Somya Verma

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When you suffer from a near-death experience, things, and perspective of life changes in a lot of ways. Life after a stroke does not remain the same. It can be life-changing. Most of the patients lose their cheer in life. Yet, a lot of others choose to see life in a very different way. Let us see what are the major points that one must focus on with life after stroke. Searching for the best hospital for stroke treatment in Chennai? 


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What is a stroke?


When the brain’s blood supply is inadequate, a stroke results. Stroke symptoms (for example, loss of arm or leg function or slurred speech) signify a medical emergency because, without treatment, blood-deprived brain cells quickly become damaged or die, resulting in brain injury, serious disability, or death.


A stroke also is called a cerebrovascular accident, CVA, or “brain attack.” The types of strokes include: Ischemic stroke (part of the brain loses blood flow) Hemorrhagic stroke (bleeding occurs within the brain)


Major pointers for life after stroke


Here are some of the important points that you must note down when it is about life after stroke. Most of it our motivating factors, as more than physical damage, the mental health of the person is affected.


1. Rehabilitation will take time


It is necessary to understand that once you recover from a stroke, it is not that easy to go back to normal. It is thus necessary to understand that you take the time to settle. You have to give your mind enough time to adjust to the reality and the idea of you going through the stroke.


2. Finding Inspiration From Survivors


You will likely hear many stories about stroke survivors who surpassed their doctors’ and families’ expectations. These survivors are the ones who put forth as much effort as possible to regain their independence and continue their lives as normally as possible.


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3. Give your life another spin


Make sure that something like a stroke does not take away your zeal for life. Get a new change in your plans, make some additions, and delete somethings. You need to embrace life after stroke, only then can things go right!


4. It is different for everyone


Although we know that stroke can have a severe impact on brain and nervous system functions, it is still unclear how the brain copes with the aftermath of a stroke. Stroke can kill or damage brain cells temporarily or permanently, but it is possible for healthy brain regions to take over damaged brain regions after a stroke. This is why it is nearly impossible to predict how each stroke patient will recover.


5. Seek Support


If you are experiencing depression, anger, anxiety, or any worrisome emotions after stroke, enlist the support of your loved ones. Do not be afraid to ask for emotional or physical help. Most importantly, talk to your doctor about your concerns. He or she can help you devise the best plan to overcome your emotions so your recovery can be as productive as possible. Get a teleconsultation now by downloading the GoMedii App.


Nothing is impossible if we have the right will to make it happen. Life after stroke can also be managed once there is enough strength to move on. We hope that these pointers will help you manage things better. Get best hospital for stroke treatment in Chennai? 


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