Ankle Arthroscopy : A Treatment for Synovitis

Divya Tripathi

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Synovitis is defined as inflammation of the synovium (synovial membrane). It is the inner lining of the joint capsule, which discharges the synovial fluid. Synovium has a normal function in all joints of the human body.


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Inflammation of the synovium leads to thickened tissue, increased blood flow to the area, and increased fluid production, and results as joint pain, tenderness, and swelling. Sometimes, the synovitis itself may be the cause of joint damage, joint pain, and dysfunction. If the synovitis is severe, the ankle arthroscopy for synovitis is performed to treat it.


What are the Treatments for Ankle Synovitis?


These are the following treatments for synovitis. Depending upon the condition or severity doctors choose any of them.


1. Oral Steroid


Steroids are drugs that reduce inflammation. They are a short-term treatment and used for only a week or two. It should not use very often because it can cause other side effects in your body.


2. Physiotherapy (PT)


It is the kind of exercise which, reduce your pain, strengthen your joint and muscles, and prevent loss of motion in the joint.


3. Ankle Arthroscopy for Synovitis


Ankle arthroscopy for Synovitis is a type of surgery where the inflamed part of the synovial membrane is removed. It can be used to surgically remove inflamed tissue that does not respond to nonsurgical treatment. It is not used to improve your range of motion but it can help to reduce further bleeding and joint destruction.


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Learn the Risks of Ankle Arthroscopy for Synovitis


  • Like other surgeries, Ankle Arthroscopy also has some risk. So, you should aware of these risk factors also.


  • As with any procedure involving the introduction of instruments to a normally sterile area, infection is a risk.



  • Some people may have local nerve damage from the procedure making the overlying skin numb.


  • There are risks in using any kind of anesthesia, depending on the type that is chosen.

What You Can Do After the Ankle Arthroscopy for Synovitis Procedure?


Following are a few things that you can do after the ankle arthroscopy for synovitis procedure including;


  • If you had an arthroscopy only to establish a diagnosis, the surgeon may put a simple splint or air splint on your ankle.


  • In general, the area should be kept clean and dry while the incisions are healing.


  • Pain medicine may be prescribed.


  • The ankle should be elevated and iced to minimize swelling and to help control pain.




Synovitis is an ankle disease that can be cured in many ways.  Like oral steroid,  physiotherapy or ankle arthroscopy for synovitis. Depending upon your condition the doctor will suggest you the one suitable for you.


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