Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment In India

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International patients traveling to India have various reasons to opt for the country as a medical tourist destination. Along with that, there are companies like GoMedii International which make their visit worthwhile. A lot of them come for Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment in India and get the best of the treatments and go back. We have maintained highly qualified doctors and experts who are involved in treating and catering to medical tourists from abroad.


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Before you know about Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment in India, let us know what is CKD and what can be the causes. It is important to understand that this also means that you might have to go for a kidney transplant if the conditions are worse.


Anyone can get CKD. Some people are more at risk than others. Here are some of the main causes of being prone to Chronic Kidney disease:


1. Diabetes


We know that having type 1 or type 2 diabetes can make us easily vulnerable to CKD. It, therefore, is the major cause of Chronic Kidney disease.


2. High Blood Pressure (hypertension)


It disturbs the functioning of the overall body. Hence not only does it cause our cardiac system to fail, but it also results in Chronic Kidney disease.


3. Heart Disease


It might be weird to say that heart disease is a cause of Chronic Kidney disease. Let us explain to you in the simplest way. When the heart is not able to pump blood properly, who will take the pressure to purify it? Well, yes they are our kidneys which results in CKD.


4. Drug Abuse


Alcohol and other drug abuse are some of the major causes in India. The high consumption leads to failure of the kidney to purify our blood, this is an important cause of Chronic Kidney Disease.


Damage to your kidneys is usually permanent. Although the damage cannot be fixed, you can take steps to keep your kidneys as healthy as possible for as long as possible. In case the damage is done to the extent that it cannot be reversed now, then the most appropriate is a kidney transplant.


Kidney Transplant in India is the best answer to getting close to a normal life again. In this, the failed kidneys are swapped by transplanted kidneys by Renal Transplant Specialists in India.


Some of the best hospital chains that we are associated with as a medical tourism company are as follows:


  • Yashoda Hospital
  • Paras Hospital
  • Hospital – Medical Tourism In India03
  • Moolchand Hospital
  • Metro Hospital & Heart Institute
  • Medanta Hospital
  • Max Healthcare
  • Kailash Hospital
  • Jaypee Hospital
  • Fortis Hospital
  • Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital
  • BLK Hospital
  • Artemis Hospital


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