List of Common Food Allergies: Are You Allergic To Any?

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Allergies, you see are extremely painful. The itching, the rashes, sore throat, and whatnot. You do not feel good when your allergies are disturbing your body. Do you know what is the list of common food allergies? If not, then here we are to tell you what are the common food items that cause allergic reaction most probably. Do not be sad if you find your favorite fruit or perfect meal on the chart.


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List of Common Food Allergies From Food:


1) Eggs:


Well, this one has to top the list of common food allergies. The fact that an egg is both a source of good protein but also a source of a lot of fat. This increases the body temperature which might cause an allergic reaction in your body. Most of the symptoms include skin rashes and itchy skin. You will be surprised to know that it’s possible to be allergic to egg whites, but not the yolks, and vice versa. This is because the proteins in egg whites and egg yolks differ slightly.



2) Naughty Nuts:


While you are busy indulging in the pure bliss of your favorite tree nut, let us give you a heads up! These nuts might be the cause of an allergic reaction. Yes, sorry to disappoint you, but the oil of these nuts do not suit all the bodies and hence they are the top scorers in the list of common food allergies.


3) Soy:


One of the greatest sources of protein, the joyful Soy is not the cup of everyone’s tea. Our body mostly reacts on the protein that it intakes and Soy being 45% of the protein is injurious. The body reacts to it in a way that causes an allergic reaction. Observations say that about 70% of the kids are found to have allergy from Soy. The only way to get away from the allergy is to get rid of soy from the diet.



4) Something Fishy?


Fish is also among the list of common food allergies. It is so rich in nutrients that sometimes the body cannot absorb them. Most of the allergies in people are actually at an adult age. The studies say that 2% of adults are prone to allergies caused by the consumption of fish.


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5) Dairy Products:


It is well known that the body of some adults might be lactose intolerant. In this case, all the fault goes to the dairy products. Thus making it highly allergic food.



6) Other Food Items:


Here is a list of some of the common food items that one can avoid in case one feels that they are suffering from some allergic reaction.


  • Linseed


  • Sesame seed


  • Peach


  • Banana


  • Avocado


  • Kiwi fruit


  • Passion fruit


  • Celery


  • Garlic


  • Mustard seeds


  • Aniseed


  • Chamomile


These are just a few in the list of common food allergies, you can any day seek help on our website for further clarification of the allergies that you might go through. At Gomedii, there is always help provided.


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