Learn Why Indians Are More Prone To Heart Diseases

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It will be surprising to know that India is home to a large number of patients who suffer from regular to chronic heart diseases. The statistics show that in the past 20 years, the cases of heart problems in India increased by 50%. At this alarming rate, national health becomes a major concern.


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This makes us wonder, why Indians are prone to heart diseases? The most heartwarming people around the world, we Indians have heart diseases as the most common chronic disease in India. It ranges from high blood pressure to major coronary heart disease that causes untimely death in India.


The severity of the problem depends on which part of the heart is affected, heart disease is divided into several types, each type has a unique cause, symptom and diagnosis procedure.


While we might feel sad, but the harsh reality is that the highest deaths in the country happen due to chronic heart illness. This not new research but it has been prevalent for a long period of time. In the journal of IIT Madras study named Journal of Biological Chemistry, it said: ” DNA samples from over 750 individuals from the Indian population — it outlines that 35 to 40 percent Indians carry a set of genetic variations that puts them at higher risk of heart disease.” As even mentioned in the following research the major content of the reasons is based on the genes.


Reasons why Indians are prone to Heart Diseases


The genetic adaption or layout of the Indian subcontinent along with food habits are the major reasons for the heart ailment. Even stress is one of the reasons mostly quoted.


1) Genetic Reason


According to the reports published by the Business Line “Even though instances of direct evidence are few, there are indirect ones suggesting the significant genetic influence of genes in causing heart disease. For example, identical twins show a genetic effect in developing heart disease and heredity plays a role, with 40-60 percent risk of heart disease in children if either or both parents have heart disease.” This clearly tells that genes play a role in providing immunity to heart.


2) Diet


The diet of Indians is rich in oil and carbohydrates. The lack of protein is well aware of. Hence both of these have an adverse effect on heart health. It has caused many to be obese and hence artery blockage is one of the major causes of strokes.


3) Lifestyle


We Indians have no idea when to stop. We cross the limit while eating and drinking and finally end up in trouble. According to Business line report ” Control of environmental factors like leading an active physical lifestyle, a balanced diet of vegetables, fruit, complex carbohydrate, avoiding tobacco, and treatment of risk factors like diabetes and high blood pressure can significantly reduce the risk of developing heart disease, among Indians.”


4) Increased Income


One of the not so apparent reasons for the increasing heart disease is income increase according to the report by Hindu. It says, ” Increasing income has had a direct impact on rising heart diseases in India and even youngsters below 35 years of age are prone to heart attacks, more because of the lifestyle changes that the money has brought in.”


While there are most of the reasons are under control, some of them like the genetic aspect is difficult to manipulate. Indians are also one of the most active people around the world and that is also a reason for it. The stress levels are different, and the working environment is also to be blamed. It becomes one of the causes of why Indians are prone to heart diseases. However, the government has been on the mission to provide a healthy lifestyle and hence we might reduce the heart disease frequency. Any further help on the issue can be discussed with our health experts and doctors available on our website.


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