Know More About How Breast Milk Protects Food Allergies

Tanuja Bisht

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Eating non-allergenic food during pregnancy can protect your child from food allergies, especially if you doing breastfeeding.


A study published in the periodical “Journal of Experimental Medicine,” reveals that an allergy model in mice highlight the recent suggestion that pregnant women should avoid non-allergenic foods such as eggs and peanuts.


The study is to demonstrate that breast milk protects food allergies while indicating a biological mechanism that induces tolerance to food.


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Food allergies affect about 6 million children all around the world. Scientists now believe that sugars in breast milk can help prevent some of these allergies.


Science has begun to clarify several health benefits of breast milk. These benefits can be from protection against diseases such as asthma and obesity in reducing the incidence of ear infections and diarrhea, it’s hard to argue with the saying “Breast is the best”.


Scientists have discovered that breast milk protects food allergy.


The results of the study are in line with the new nutritional recommendations for pregnant and nursing women. Some studies suggesting that breast milk has some protective role, and others suggesting that children can be found allergic to food by feeding through their mother’s diet.


Sometimes pregnant mothers have been warned not to eat foods that often cause allergies such as milk, eggs, peanuts, nuts, soy, wheat, fish, and seafood.


More recently, it has been shown that increasing the likelihood of having peanut-fed infants with a high-risk peanut allergy does not diminish the fact that infants develop a peanut allergy.


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Allergists suggest that mothers have been diagnosed with food allergies and the should avoid allergenic foods during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


The protection against food allergies described in the study depends on specific proteins, some of which are provided by the mother and others by the offspring.


The best way is to identify proteins and propose a mechanism for mothers and offsprings for contributing to the development of food tolerance in newborn, the research opens new possibilities to study how to break the protection in case of allergy food and how to avoid it.


Prevention of food allergy is essential because there is no treatment for this serious and deadly disease that affects approx every third person.





Many health experts have explained the importance of breastfeeding especially in the first six months of delivery helps in protecting against food allergies. We know that it benefits both the mother and the child. Hence it is proved that breast milk protects food allergies.


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