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As we have heard smoking is injurious to health! It can cause various respiratory problems, and these need to be cured instantly because we cannot survive without lungs, and sometimes without even smoking, you can face severe lung problems. There are various lung treatments and surgeries available in India one of which is Lobectomy Treatment. Contact us to get Lobectomy Treatment In India our team will contact you soon.


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Affordable Lobectomy Treatment In India


Lobectomy Treatment in India, Procedure for Lobectomy Treatment In India, Post-treatment care after Lobectomy Treatment In India, Hospitals for Lobectomy Treatment In India


A lobectomy is a surgical procedure where an entire lobe of the lung is removed for a variety of reasons that may include a lung cancer diagnosis, infection, COPD, or benign tumors. There are three lobes of the right lung and two lobes of the left lung. The procedure includes either a few small incisions or one longer incision on the side of the chest based on a particular diagnosis. With either method, along with a lobe, nearby lymph nodes are also taken out because of the possible spread of disease or cancer.


When is a lobectomy required?


A lobectomy might be done when a problem is found in 1 lobe. A lobe may be removed so that the disease isn’t spread to the other lobes. This might be the case with tuberculosis or various types of lung cancer.


  • Chest and lung health conditions that might be treated with lobectomy include:
  • Tuberculosis (TB): This is a chronic bacterial infection that mostly infects the lungs.
  • Lung abscess:  This is an area of pus that might form in the lung. If the abscess does not get removed with antibiotic medicine, it might need to be removed.
  • Emphysema: This is a chronic disease caused by the breakdown of the elastic fibers in the lungs. This makes it harder for the lungs to move when patients breathe.
  • Benign tumor: This is a tumor that is not cancer. It can press on large blood vessels and can affect the function of other organs.
  • Lung cancer: This is a type of cancer that might affect the bronchi (main airways to lungs), one or more lobes of the lungs, the pleural lining, or other lung tissue. If not treated properly, it can spread to other parts of the body.
  • Fungal infection: Fungi can grow inside the body and cause infections.
  • The doctor may have other reasons to advise a lobectomy


Procedure for Lobectomy Treatment In India


Lobectomy Treatment in India, Procedure for Lobectomy Treatment In India, Post-treatment care after Lobectomy Treatment In India, Hospitals for Lobectomy Treatment In India


The procedure almost always requires an inpatient stay. This means that it might be done as part of a longer stay in the hospital. The way the procedure is done may vary. It depends on the condition and the healthcare provider’s methods. To get your treatment started, drop your queries with us! In most cases, the procedure will follow this process:


  • The patient will be asked to remove their clothes. They will be given a hospital gown to wear. They may be asked to remove jewelry or other objects. The patient will lie down on an operating table. An intravenous line will be put into the arm or hand. The patient may be given antibiotics before and after the procedure.


  • They will be given general anesthesia. This is a medicine that prevents pain and lets them sleep through the procedure. A breathing tube will be put into the throat and hooked up to a ventilator. The patient heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing will be watched during the procedure.


  • A soft, catheter may be put into the bladder. This is to drain urine during the procedure. Hair in the area of surgery may be trimmed. The skin in the area will be cleaned with an antiseptic solution. An incision will be made on the front of the chest at the level of the lobe to be removed.


  • The cut will go under the arm around to the back. When the ribs can be seen, a special tool will be used to spread them apart. The lung lobe will be removed. One or more tubes may be put into the chest. These are to help remove air and fluid after surgery.


The cut will be closed with stitches or staples. A bandage or dressing will be put on the area. An epidural catheter may be put in the area of the lower spine. This is done to send pain medicine into the back. It may be done in the operating room or in the recovery room. Lobectomy surgery may take from 2 to 6 hours.


Post-treatment care after Lobectomy Treatment In India


While the patient is healing, the doctor might suggest you prevent exposure to:


  • Upper respiratory infections, such as colds and flu
  • Chemical fumes
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Environmental pollution


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Cost for Lobectomy Treatment In India


Lobectomy Treatment in India, Procedure for Lobectomy Treatment In India, Post-treatment care after Lobectomy Treatment In India, Hospitals for Lobectomy Treatment In India


In India, the cost on average is lesser than what you must be paying outside. The cost for Lobectomy treatment In India is about 1250-2000 USD.


Hospitals for Lobectomy Treatment In India


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