Use This Lockdown For Mental Health, And Give The Mind A Break

Somya Verma

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Not everything that happens to us is bad, isn’t it? While everyone is so sad about being shit in homes, we forget the better part of it. Do you not think, it is a way to help ourselves? It is like one can use lockdown for mental health. We have been working ourselves for the pass innumerable days, without giving much attention to the “breaks” that we all deserve. This is the time that you can use the best to get that break you needed.


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What forces you to have bad mental health in the lockdown?


You might be surprised by the way we are trying to convince you that this lockdown is good. It is only because we want to give you reasons why you should use lockdown for mental health. The first one is the fact that you are not able to meet people, as introverts or extroverts, humans cannot stand not interacting.


The second one, especially for the younger ones who have not gone out to play and seem that this might be the end of the world. With all these stress around you and on you, you might fail to take care of your mental health. This is why we urge you to use lockdown for mental health.


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What must be done to use lockdown for mental health?


Going on a long drive would have been my first suggestion if it was not a lockdown. Yet, I will still tell you, go on a drive, a “negativity cleaning drive” where you put all the thoughts that can cause negativity behind and help you get better with the lockdown.


1) Read a good book, if not a reader, then READ now


Imagination can do a lot than one thinks. It is powerful because you give your imagination a sense of creativity. This helps you define yourself and also keeps all the negativity away. So, use your lockdown for mental health by reading some really good books.


It could be anything, from Chacha Choudhary to Cindrella, from Sherlock homes to Agatha Christie! Just let your world see evolve in different ways!


2) Just do not bake a cake, bake the right way


We know you might think, it is so cliched to just keep baking, something or the other. Instagram and Facebook, both seem to be filled with these, but let us tell you one secret. Not all that is baked is good!


Read the ingredients well, put some time in your cooking. Do not run with it. Why are we saying that? It is because once you read and measure, you are concentrating on it. This would take your mind off from the negativity floating. Now you see how you use lockdown for mental care?


3) Prepare your own song and sing it your mother


“Tujhe sab hai pata, hai na maa” Well, this is too old, Ishaan Awasthi is all grown up now and we believe you must grow up too! Write your own little jingle and sing it out to your mother, or father or sisters. This would make this little quarantine fun and also help the family bond better.


After a tough day at work from home or a sweaty time in the kitchen, your parents need a good laugh to take on the next day’s stress. It is even better for the couples, let your partners know what talents have you been hiding from them!


These are just a few suggestions you might want to try while you use the lockdown for mental health. We have a hell lot of options that will be shared with you in our blogs! So stay tuned!


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